Chapter 887: Soul-stirring

Chapter 887: Soul-stirring

The jade-green energy that was visible on Xiao Yan’s hand became more and more glaring. In the end, it was just like a palm-sized handprint, appearing extremely mysterious.

Upon sensing the enormous energy that was formed on Xiao Yan’s hand, surprise flashed across the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s face. With his mere four star Dou Huang strength, Xiao Yan was actually able to unleash such a powerful attack that even an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class would have difficulty reaching. This fellow… was indeed as Han Feng had said. He possessed some Dou Qi with quite a great strength. However, if Xiao Yan wanted to win with just this, he was undoubtedly daydreaming and was a little too naive…

The light seal on Xiao Yan’s hand finally stilled while the Old Ground Demon Ghost was laughing coldly in his heart. His gaze carried a viciousness as he looked at the latter. With a slight flip of the bone wings on his back, Xiao Yan prepared himself to dodge at any moment. His hand also did not pause for even a moment as he let out a cold cry and threw it ruthlessly at the Old Ground...

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