Chapter 886: Fighting The Old Ground Demon Ghost

Chapter 886: Fighting The Old Ground Demon Ghost

The ghost claw, that contained cold, dark-black air, swiftly expanded in Xiao Yan’s eyes as numerous exclamations were made. However, Xiao Yan’s expression did not change much. The corner of his mouth slowly lifted into a cold smile and the seal, that had long been prepared with his hands, immediately solidified!


A pair of ten-foot-wide bone wings suddenly extended from Xiao Yan’s back following a muffled sound. They were flapped immediately. Wild wind and muffled thunder resonated over the ground while Xiao Yan’s body became blurry in an instant.


The sharp ghost claw flashed over like lightning. After which, it struck Xiao Yan’s throat and simply passed through it without reason.

The hand claw had just touched Xiao Yan’s figure when the eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost shrank slightly. He let out a cold snort as the cold air in his palm spat out and shook this figure until nothing was left. His body slowly turned as he looked at the sky and spoke in a faint voice, “No wonder Fang Yan and the two others have died in your hands. This speed is something that...

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