Chapter 885: Fight

Chapter 885: Fight

Su Qian’s expression changed slightly as he sensed the gradual spread of dense cold killing intent from the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s body. It seemed that this old fellow, who would not die, would insist on attacking even if he had to risk the return of the headmaster.

“Be careful.”

Su Qian turned his head and spoke to Xiao Yan in a deep voice. The strength of the Old Ground Demon Ghost was deep and unpredictable. Even with the Little Fairy Doctor’s help, Xiao Yan would have difficulty contending with him. After all, within the Dou Zong class, the difference between every star was extremely large. It was quite difficult for one to challenge another across different levels. Although Su Qian was understood that Xiao Yan possessed quite a few powerful Dou Skill, these Dou Skills merely possessed some deterring effects for an ordinary elite Dou Zong. The Old Ground Demon Ghost was not included. Hence, it was really somewhat difficult to predict this big battle…

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His hand slowly paused on his chest and a viciousness flashed across his eyes. If this old fellow, who would not die, was really so stubborn, he could only give him something that he had prepared…

“On the account of me being an old acquaintance of Mang Tian Chi, these experts from the Demon Flame Valley will not attack. As long as the academy students and the Inner Academy’s Elders do not randomly intervene, the old me can let them off. However, I must definitely take Xiao Yan’s life!” The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s gaze slowly swept over the many Elders behind Su Qian and the densely packed students below as he spoke in a faint voice.

Su Qian quietly sighed in relief when he heard the words of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. The people whom he was most worried about were these students. Their strengths were naturally incomparable with these experts from the Demon Flame Valley. Should they really end up fighting, the students would likely suffer great injuries and deaths. Of course, he also clearly understood that the reason the Old Ground Demon Ghost was so righteous was mainly because of the headmaster. This was because he knew that if he really dared to attack these students from the younger generation, the headmaster would definitely be furious should the matter be passed into his ears. At that time, he… was not a match for the headmaster.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost ignored Su Qian after saying these words. His sinister gaze was turned to Xiao Yan. His feet immediately stepped on the empty air as he slowly walked over. An indifferent voice reverberated over the sky, “I heard that you little fellow can contend against some elite Dou Zongs with just your Dou Huang strength. So be it, you and your friend beside you can attack together. Otherwise, other people might say that the old me does not give you the slightest chance.”

The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s words were filled with wild arrogance. Of course, given his strength, he also possessed this right to be arrogant. In the current ‘Black-Corner Region,’ it was quite difficult to find someone who could contend with him in terms of strength. Those experts from the same generation had either unluckily died or had left the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ From the somewhat younger generation, the top people were people like Mo Tian Xing. However, with their strength, it was still difficult for them to contend with the Old Ground Demon Ghost.

Su Qian’s expression sank when he saw the actions of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. However, his body had just moved when a human figure strangely flashed and appeared in front of him. Han Feng’s laughing voice sounded, “First Elder Su Qian, your opponent is me. Therefore, you should not go and intervene in the matters of others.”

A cold smile surfaced on Su Qian’s face as he looked at Han Feng who had appeared a short distance in front of him. He said, “Han Feng, once the headmaster is back, I will properly tell him about this matter. At that time, I will see just who can protect you!”

Han Feng’s expression became unnatural when he heard Su Qian mention the headmaster. Clearly, he was quite afraid of this legendary headmaster. However, this uneasiness merely lasted for a moment before it was tossed aside by him. At this stage, a grudge had already been formed between the Jia Nan Academy and him. Saying anything else would not help the situation. Moreover, this Dou Qi continent was huge. If he had the intention to hide, even the elite Dou Zun Mang Tian Chi would not be able to find him. He immediately laughed in a strange manner, “First Elder Su Qian, you need not say such things to me. Mang Tian Chi has not been back for over a decade. Who knows if he is still alive?”

Su Qian’s expression became even darker after Han Feng’s words sounded. The many Inner Academy Elders behind him were also emitting a fury from their eyes. Each of their faces were staring fiercely at the latter. From the looks of it, they seemed to be planning on attacking as a group.

“If you don’t wish to expand the battleground and injure the students, I advise all of you to be a little quieter. Otherwise, the experts from the Demon Flame Valley are not just useless people.” Han Feng was not the least afraid when he saw the way the Inner Academy’s Elders acted. He pointed at the group of people from the Demon Flame Valley who had a fierce aura lingering over them and coldly laughed.

Su Qian waved his hand and suppressed the Inner Academy Elders behind him. He spoke faintly, “All of you only need to pay attention to that group of people. There is no need to be worried about my side. Should anything wrong happen to Xiao Yan’s side… all of you will intervene and lend a hand.”


Hearing this, the Inner Academy Elders hesitated for a moment before speaking in a respectful manner.

“He he, First Elder Su Qian is really sensible and knows how to consider the overall situation.” Han Feng involuntarily laughed in a strange manner when he heard this.

Su Qian completely ignored Han Feng’s words. He slowly stepped forward and calmly said, “We were unable to determine a victor the last time. Today, allow the old me to try and see just how strong the traitor, who betrayed Yao zun-zhe (Dou Zun) back then, is after having been transformed by the ‘Hall of Souls’ into this manner that is neither human nor ghost.”

Su Qian’s feet violently stomped on the empty air after his last word fell. Immediately, a powerful aura surged out of his body in all directions. Under this aura, the space around him became somewhat distorted.

A dark denseness gradually surged into Han Feng’s eyes as he sensed the vast Heaven’s-might-like aura. He parted his mouth and smiled before speaking in a sinister manner, “Relax, I will not disappoint you.” Han Feng flapped his sleeves after speaking and an aura that was not the least bit weaker than Su Qian swept out. Finally, it blocked Su Qian’s momentum.

When these two elite Dou Zong’s auras collided in the sky, the many students in the open ground below involuntarily felt their hearts palpitating when they sensed the pressure that seeped down from the sky. Was this the strength of an elite Dou Zong? Just the aura that radiated from them was sufficient to cause the Dou Qi within their bodies to become sluggish. If they were to face one head-on, would they not even be able to move?

While Han Feng and Su Qian gradually entered a combat state, the Old Ground Demon Ghost on the other side stepped through empty air and slowly stopped around ten meters in front of Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor. His serene ghost-flame-like eyes stared at the two of them as he said in a faint voice, “Are the both of you attacking together or will you take turns?”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face was cold. Her delicate white hands were slowly extended from her sleeves. Her five long fingers were gently curled up, and dense gray-colored Dou Qi immediately surged from her body in all directions. Her somewhat demonic gray-purple eyes glanced at the Old Ground Demon Ghost before turning her head to Xiao Yan and softly said, “I will do it. Your current strength has far too much of a gap with him. You will definitely be injured if you were to be struck by an attack.”

Xiao Yan shook his head. He exhaled gently and said, “Let’s do it together. You are also no match for him. Relax, I naturally possess my own defensive abilities. You need not be distracted because of this.” When he spoke until this point, he suddenly turned his head to Zi Yan, “You should not intervene. The opponent this time around is not the same as in the past. Do you understand?”

The small face of the originally extremely eager Zi Yan became downcast when she heard these words of Xiao Yan. However, upon seeing the solemness of the latter’s face, she knew that it was pointless to say anything. All she could do was nod her head while feeling disappointed.

The Little Fairy Doctor did not say anything else after hearing Xiao Yan’s insistence. She was originally a lady of few words. Moreover, since Xiao Yan was insisting, it was likely that he was not purposefully acting conceited given his character. Her somewhat skinny chin nodded slightly as she flipped her ten long fingers. Her fingernails were immediately extended by half a foot. A dense grayish-purple color and a hidden fragrance lingered…

“Have you decided on everything?” The Old Ground Demon Ghost crossed his hands over his chest while he stood at a spot over ten meters from them. His eyes jumped between Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor. Those words of his had just sounded when a gray-colored glow suddenly cut through the air and shot over.


The Old Ground Demon Ghost let out a cold snort as he looked at the gray-colored light sneaking toward him at great speed. He did not do much as a dark-black cold air surged from within his body. The gray-colored glow suddenly stiffened upon contact with the black cold air. Immediately, it transformed into a-foot-long ice cube before bursting into a pile of ice fragments and releasing a clear sound.

“It is unexpected that you are actually a skillful person that plays with poison. I have really underestimated you…” The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s shrivelled hand was molding a tiny gray ice cube, rubbing it slightly as he he worked. Immediately, he uttered his words in a somewhat surprised voice.

“There are many things that you are unaware of!” A clear, cold voice sounded and the white figure instantly appeared in front of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. Her grayish-purple nails contained a sharp glint and carried an ear-piercing air-tearing sound as they targeted his throat.

“Squeak, squeak!”

The sharp fingernails flashed past. However, they suddenly stopped when they made contact with the black-colored air surrounding the Old Ground Demon Ghost. In the blink of an eye, a five-foot-long black ice crystal appeared in front of him. The Little Fairy Doctor’s sharp fingernails had difficulty advancing even an inch forward after they had pierced halfway in.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost strangely smiled at the Little Fairy Doctor from a spot separated by ice crystals. His body moved and suddenly disappeared.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s face changed slightly when she saw the Old Ground Demon Ghost disappear. She hurriedly cried out, “Xiao Yan, be careful. He is targeting you.”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s cry had just left her mouth when a yellow-colored-skull-robed Old Ground Demon Ghost appeared a short distance in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost-like manner. A skull-head-like face sinisterly smiled at Xiao Yan as his five fingers, that were similar to a ghost claw, mercilessly struck at Xiao Yan’s throat. Looking at the force, it was likely that they would penetrate Xiao Yan’s throat if they struck him.

“Razor tongue brat, the old me loathes you quite greatly. Therefore, I will finish you off first!”

Countless exclamations and sharp cries were immediately emitted from the open ground below when they saw Xiao Yan facing a fatal attack from Old Ground Demon Ghost within an instant...

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