Chapter 884: Old Ground Demon Ghost

Chapter 884: Old Ground Demon Ghost

The thunder-like cry resounded mightily over the Inner Academy. The echo reverberated all around, shaking one’s heart as it did.

Human figures suddenly flashed and appeared from all over the Inner Academy not long after this old cry sounded. Immediately, numerous human figures appeared in the sky above the area where Xiao Yan was located. The first person was naturally First Elder Su Qian. At this moment, his expression was solemn as he studied the direction where the cry originated from. He clenched his fist slightly and muttered, “Old Ground Demon Ghost…”

Su Qian slowly lowered his head. He exchanged looks with Xiao Yan and the others below before knitting his brows. It seemed that this trouble had really found them.

Waves of rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared at the edge of the sky not long after that old cry was transmitted from afar. A large group of small black spots appeared in everyone’s sight a moment later. Within a couple of blinks, they transformed into a group of people that were filled with a fierce aura that soon paused in the sky above the Inner Academy.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly swept over this group of twenty or so human figures. His gaze immediately...

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