Chapter 883: Arrival

Chapter 883: Arrival

The originally relaxed atmosphere of the hall immediately became tense because of that one sentence from Xiao Li. Everyone seated here was very familiar with the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ They were clearly aware of just what kind of troublesome person this Old Ground Demon Ghost was.

“I have really underestimated that fellow Han Feng. If I had known earlier, I should have gotten him to stay…” A dark solemness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he slowly spoke.

“Even if Han Feng did not go and inform him about this matter, it is likely that it would sooner or later be passed into the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s ears. This old fellow is usually extremely protective of his own. Now that the three great Elders of the Demon Flame Valley have fallen by your hand, he would naturally be extremely angry upon hearing the news.” Su Qian shook his head. His expression was somewhat solemn. Clearly, that so-called Old Ground Demon Ghost increased the pressure on him.

“First Elder, what do we do now? Given the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s character of avenging any grudge, he will likely turn his anger on the Jia Nan Academy. At that time, there will likely be great trouble.” An Inner...

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