Chapter 882: Once And For All

Chapter 882: Once And For All

The bone wings were gently flapped. The sound they carried was like muffled lightning with a wild whistling. After sensing the energy that was contained within the bone wings, Xiao Yan stored them away while feeling pleased.

The bone wings swiftly shrank amid a slight glow. Finally, they transformed into two fine lines that shot into Xiao Yan’s body and disappeared.

After the bone wings entered his body, Xiao Yan sensed them before involuntarily letting out a slight smile. The Gold Geese Sect did not rely on luck in order to become the overlord of their empire. The so-called Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings was indeed mysterious. It was top notch when it came to fleeing for one’s life. If Medusa had not taken advantage of when Luo Yan Tian was fooling around with a woman, it was likely that she would not have been able to kill him so easily.

Now that the bone wings had been successfully refined, Xiao Yan had also gained an additional guarantee. If he were to meet an expert whom he had difficulty contending with in the future, he would at least be able to flee even if he could not beat him. With his current...

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