Chapter 881: Overbearing Bone Wings

Chapter 881: Overbearing Bone Wings

Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were slowly opened within a room. A glint flashed in his dark-black eyes before swiftly disappearing.

A mouthful of turbid air followed Xiao Yan’s throat as it was slowly exhaled. At this moment, Xiao Yan not only did not show any appearance of fatigue even after a big spiritual battle but he had also strengthened his Spiritual Strength due to him having swallowed a lot of the remnant aura. His originally somewhat tired body was once again filled with energy.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly slide to the jade bone wings suspended in front of him after having opened them. After the refinement earlier, they seemed to appear even more crystal clear. Moreover, the fierce aura that had vaguely seeped out of them earlier had become much fainter. Clearly, the effects of the refinement were beneficial.

The jade bone wings drifted down as Xiao Yan beckoned with his hand. He grabbed them and an icy-cold feeling that contained a hint of jade-like warmth was felt where Xiao Yan’s hand made contact with it, leaving him with an extremely comfortable feeling.

Xiao Yan’s hands held the jade bone wings and...

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