Chapter 88: Conclusion

Chapter 88: Conclusion

Staring at the merciless Xiao Yan, Jia Lie Ao’s face turned white; a frightened expression enveloped his face.

On the street, the observers spontaneously sucked in a breath of cold air as they watched Jia Lie Ao about to be killed. Xiao Yan’s decisive move led to many people changing their opinion of him.

Xiao Yu opened her red and moist mouth as her entire body was utterly frozen on the spot. Xiao Yan’s ruthless and decisive character had totally overturned the gentle image she had of him. She had never expected that the young boy who she usually fought and lost her temper with could practice ruthlessness with such familiarity.

Everyone’s gaze followed the metal rod in Xiao Yan’s hands. When the metal rod was half a meter away from Jia Lie Ao’s head, however, there was a sudden violent sound that was like a clap of thunder. On the street, someone abruptly called: “Brat from the Xiao clan, a challenge’s purpose is to learn from each other. You actually dare to be so brutal?”

Hearing the furious scream, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes, the edge of his mouth curled into a cold smile. Instead of stopping, the metal rod in his hand smashed downwards with an even more vicious force.

“Move aside!” Xiao Yan’s action had obviously fanned the flames of the person who had shouted. With a curse, an extremely sharp wind energy was released, whistling forward. Like green lightning, it cut across the middle of Xiao Yan’s metal rod and instantly, the firm and hard metal rod was cleanly cut into two midair.

Xiao Yan’s face changed when the metal rod was broken into two. Clenching his teeth, Xiao Yan wanted to ruthlessly pierce the remaining half of the metal rod into Jia Lie Ao’s throat when the green wind stuck once again. The strong pressure from the wind actually caused Xiao Yan to have difficulty breathing.

Shrinking his eyes, he used all his strength to pierce forward with the metal rod. However, he was blocked by an invisible air film that could not be broken.

Twitching his lips, Xiao Yan’s right hand tightly gripped the rod as his body moved slightly and twisted over. The metal rod left his hand and became a black shadow, ferociously shooting toward the figure flying towards him.

“Hmph!” Seeing that Xiao Yan had actually dared to attack him, the figure coldly snorted. His hands curled into claws and fiercely waved in front of him. The thick green Dou Qi formed a few pale green wind blades.

Raising his finger, the wind blades left his hands and cut the metal rod into over ten pieces.

“To have such a ruthless heart despite being so young. Today, I shall teach you a lesson in Xiao Zhan’s stead!” The figure coldly laughed after cutting the metal rod into pieces. Within both of his palms, green Dou Qi was being quickly gathered. A cyclon gathered under his legs and lifted him into the air. Like a cannon, he threw himself towards Xiao Yan. A pale green wind blade appeared just as he waved his palm and explosively shot toward Xiao Yan.

The air pressure originating from the wind blades blew the ground free of any dirt.

“Teach me a lesson? Who do you think you are? You should discipline your son first.” Xiao Yan shook his head and smiled coldly. From the attribute of the Dou Qi, he had recognised the figure to be Jia Lie Ao’s father, Jia Lie Bi.

Xiao Yan watched the wind blades that were shooting towards him with a calm face. When they were five meters from his head, Xiao Yan violently struck his palm in the direction of the ground. A shapeless burst of air was released and upon coming into contact with the ground, pushed Xiao Yan’s body into the air. He somersaulted in the air and landed on an empty piece of land dozens of meters away.

The wind blades missed. With a “clang”, many deep scars were left on the hard rock surface of the ground.

“Father, kill him!” Seeing the figure who swooped down, Jia Lie Ao’s face was filled with unrestrained happiness as he viciously cried.

Landing on the ground, Jia Lie Bi darkly glimpsed at Jia Lie Ao’s hand. His face slightly tensed and a cold killing intent appeared in his eyes. Without replying, he pushed off from the ground and once again frenziedly rushed at Xiao Yan. “Let me see just how great this genius of the Xiao Clan really is.”

Only a short time had passed from the appearance of Jia Lie Bi to the hurried retreat of Xiao Yan. The crowd recognized Jia Lie Bi and began to boo; a Da Dou Shi had launched a sneak attack at a Dou Zhe!

“Wow, Jia Lie you old dog. You big watermelon. You actually have the face to attack?” Xiao Yan scolded. Seeing how Jia Lie Bi ignored the difference in their status and once again rushed towards him, Xiao Yan’s face finally started to ashen.

“Brat! After breaking my son’s arm, you can forget about leaving in one piece.” Jia Lie Bi stepped off the ground. Like the wind, he bizarrely appeared above Xiao Yan. A sinister expression flashed across his face. His fist fiercely tightened and a turbulent green Dou Qi quickly gathered into a huge swirl.

“Crap. You are even using a Xuan Level Dou Technique? You old dog. You have brought shame on the entire Jia Lie clan!” Feeling the ferocious strength that was gathered on Jia Lie Bi’s fist, Xiao Yan’s face turned very ugly. Secretly, he began pulling the black ring on his finger.

A short distance away, Xun Er’s face changed upon seeing the danger Xiao Yan was in. Slowly taking a breath, a golden flame appeared in her clear eyes. In the blink of an eye, the pale golden Dou Qi was beginning to emit an aggressive energy.

Just as Xiao Yan was preparing to save himself and Xun Er was preparing to rescue him, a sudden loud yell filled with anger blasted across the street. “F***, you old dog. Since when has it become your turn to teach my son?”

When the cry died down, a flame covered figure sped over from beyond the marketplace. Stomping his feet violently, he was propelled with lightning speed towards the front of Xiao Yan and raised his head to roar like a lion

“Furious Lion’s Rage!”

Looking awe-inspiring, Xiao Zhan tightened his iron fist and punched viciously at Jia Lie Bi above him. A huge red coloured lion head flashed on his fist.


The green and red Qi made contact and exploded like a thunder, causing the ears of most of the people on the street to ring.

In mid-air, the two men engaging in combat shaked and hurriedly stepped back. As he was retreating, Xiao Zhan grabbed Xiao Yan with him.

The two men stepped on the ground hurriedly as they retreated, with each footstep leaving a visible footprint on the ground. From this, it was obvious just how strong both parties were.

Dissipating his Q!i, Xiao Zhan coldly stared at Jia Lie Bi just a short distance away. He coldly laughed: “Jia Lie Bi. You have really lived like a dog. To have the face to attack the younger generation…”

Jia Lie Bi’s face was dark. His mouth slightly twitched as he pointed towards Jia Lie Ao, who was lying on the ground. In a cold voice, he said: “He has hurt my son to such an extent. Xiao Zhan, you will give me an explanation!”

“Explanation? What explanation? If my son had not reacted fast enough, the one lying on the ground would have been him. If that had happened, would I hold you accountable?” Xiao Zhan sneered as he swiftly and fiercely scolded back.

“This challenge was issued by your son. Everyone present can be a witness. Moreover, in a challenge, losing one’s legs or arms is very common, why are you making such a big fuss over it?” Xiao Zhan ferociousness slowly faded as he said with a smile.

“You…” Jia Lie Bi’s face twitched in anxiety. He scanned the laughing gazes around him and knew that he had lost the opportunity to hurt Xiao Yan. Clenching his teeth angrily, he said: “Don’t give me any opportunity, otherwise…”

“I will return the same sentence to you.” Xiao Zhan’s eyes flashed with a vicious glint as he smiled.

“Good, good. Let’s wait and see!” Jia Lie Bi nodded his head and smiled furiously. He went over to lift the groaning Jia Lie Ao, turned around and left. As he passed Liu Xi and noticed the latter’s shocked and speechless manner, the anger in him rose once again. Taking a deep breath, he suppressed his anger and said: “Mister Liu Xi, let’s go.”

“Eh? That lady…” Liu Xi unwillingly gazed at Xun Er nearby.

With his eyes twitching, Jia Lie Bi was ready to kill, there and then, this idiot whose mind was filled with nothing but women. He tightened his fist. After a moment, he forced himself to put on an awful smile: “Regarding this matter, we shall discuss it further after returning home.”

“Ah, alright.” Seeing the pain on Jia Lie Bi’s face, Liu Xi could only unwillingly nod his head. His gaze once again obscenely swept across Xun Er’s before reluctantly leaving the marketplace with Jia Lie Bi.

Looking at the shameful looking Jia Lie Bi and group out of the city with his eyes, Xiao Zhan let out a cold laugh. His gaze swept across his surroundings before turning around and facing Xiao Yan, who had a trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth. His gaze was gentle as he heavily patted the latter’s shoulders. Sucking his lips, he regretfully said: “Your attacks are not vicious enough. Jia Lie Bi has only one son and today, if you had castrated him, Jia Lie Bi would have gone crazy. If that had happened, the three elders who are hiding outside would have had the excuse to kill him. Ze ze, what a wasted opportunity.”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was stunned. He could not help but roll his eyes. On the other hand, Xun Er and Xiao Yu’s faces turned red at the dirty words as they stood on one side.

Listening to Xiao Zhan’s words, the surrounding mercenaries felt their heads grow numb. No wonder the son was so vicious, his father was even more ruthless!

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