Chapter 878: Three Thousand Burning Flame

Chapter 878: Three Thousand Burning Flame

Xin Lan smiled slightly when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She immediately took a gentle breath, arranged her thoughts, and finally said, “Actually, the clue regarding this ‘Heavenly Flame’ that I mentioned is related to the Pill Tower. My clan once held an Elder Seat in the Pill Tower. Hence, I am also aware of some information related to it.”

“The Pill Tower again?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly upon hearing this. If the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was in the hands of the Pill Tower, how could he possibly snatch it? The Pill Tower was not the Jia Nan Academy. It would definitely not allow a ‘Heavenly Flame’ fall into the hands of someone else. Xiao Yan might not be aware of the exact strength of the Burning Flame Valley, but after some vague guess, he at least knew that the Burning Flame Valley was not as strong as the Pill Tower. Therefore, would he not have to choose to offend the even stronger Pill Tower? If this were the case, he would rather just place his intention on the Burning Flame Valley. Things would be a little easier that way.

“You need not be worried about this. The Nine Dragon Lightning Flame might be a heirloom of the Burning Flame Valley and could be considered an owned object. However, the...

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