Chapter 877: Nine Dragon Lightning Flame

Chapter 877: Nine Dragon Lightning Flame

Xiao Yan looked at the lady who did not dare to move even a little after having her neck grabbed by him and was startled. This was because this lady was the ‘Pan’s Gate’s’ alchemist whom he had met earlier, Xin Lan.

At this moment, Xin Lan did not dare to make any unusual movements due to her neck being gripped by Xiao Yan. This was especially the case when she had sensed the genuine killing intent that filled his eyes. Her pretty face was mixed with a thread of moving paleness while her eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan.

“Why is it you?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly after identifying the lady. He questioned in a deep voice, “You were eavesdropping on us?”

“It is actually you, little girl? What farce is this! This place is an important one in the Inner Academy, how can you just randomly budge in?” Su Qian by the side reprimanded. His expression sank slightly after the shock from earlier dissipated.

Xin Lan gently bit her lips in the face of Su Qian’s reprimand. She said, “Grandpa Su, Xin Lan has only barged in unintentionally.”

“Is First Elder acquainted with her?” Xiao Yan was involuntarily stunned when...

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