Chapter 874: Meeting

Chapter 874: Meeting

Xiao Yan looked at the blue-clothed woman, whose cold gaze was locked on him. After which, he turned his head and looked at the many gazes around him. He involuntarily became a little embarrassed. Immediately, he let out a dry cough and laughed, “If you had been more precise with your control of the flame when you had refined the medicinal pill and had lengthened the time that you use to form the pill, the quality of this Sky Qi Pill would have been a little better. Therefore, I could not help but say that it’s a pity.”

The surrounding people involuntarily turned into an uproar when they saw that Xiao Yan had taught this blue-clothed lady a lesson in such an unceremonious manner. They gaze were immediately stunned as they looked at this bold fellow. The number of people who were qualified to give the latter an opinion did not exceed five. Moreover, these five were mostly the Elders from the Alchemy Department. This black-robed man, who appeared quite young, clearly was not among them.

The blue-clothed lady on the platform was also stunned because of Xiao Yan’s words. Although she...

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