Chapter 873: Xin Lan

Chapter 873: Xin Lan

There was still quite some distance between the Jia Nan Academy and Peace Town. Hence, by the time Xiao Yan’s group had arrived, it was already noon time. Xiao Yan did not stay for too long in the Outer Academy. He only paused for a moment before hurrying without stopping to the Inner Academy of the Jia Nan Academy, which sat in the deep mountains behind.

With the speed of Xiao Yan’s group, they passed through the vast deep mountains, that appeared quite dangerous in their eyes back then, within just half an hour. When that extremely familiar mountain stream appeared within Xiao Yan’s sight, he knew in his heart that he had arrived at the Inner Academy.

Under Su Qian lead, the group entered the Inner Academy, which was covered by that distorted space, without any obstruction.

After they passed through the silver main gate, a vast lush-green forest appeared in front of their eyes. Xiao Yan’s heart felt somewhat moved, and he felt nostalgic. Back then, he had entered the Inner Academy from this place. That so called ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ had also allowed him, this newbie, to gain some reputation within the Inner Academy.

“Ke ke,...

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