Chapter 872: Reaching Peace Town

Chapter 872: Reaching Peace Town

A quiet, small town was located on the intersection between the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and the Jia Nan Academy. The sunlight from the sky scattered down and lit up the horizontal inscription on the board that hung above the entrance of the small town. Three somewhat ordinary words that did not have any murderous aura appeared under the sunlight, allowing one to feel calm.

“Peace Town!”

The hearts of Xiao Yan’s group appeared to have released a large rock as they ascended a hill and looked down on the small town below. A long breath was slowly exhaled from his mouth before gradually turning into nothingness. This journey was really somewhat tortuous.

“Let’s go, there will no longer be anyone giving chase after we enter Peace Town… the Jia Nan Academy has already received the message, and there are quite a number of experts in the small town prepared to receive us.” Su Qian’s gaze was slowly withdrawn from the small town as he spoke with a smile.

Xiao Yan gently nodded. He turned his head slightly to look back. There were still human figures drifting not far behind as numerous...

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