Chapter 871: Eliminating The Hidden Danger

Chapter 871: Eliminating The Hidden Danger

The old figure stiffened for an instant before swiftly recovering. Without turning around, he continued toward the dark forest.


The old figure had just entered the gloomy forest when a sharp, cold glint suddenly flashed and appeared. It carried a dense wind that caused one’s hairs to stand as it trickily and viciously shot toward his throat.

The sudden attack caught the old human figure somewhat off guard. However, it was fortunate that the figures strength was not weak. Immediately, a low cry was emitted from his mouth and the space in front of him suddenly became distorted. The cold glint’s path was altered because of the distorted air, causing it to fly past his shoulder.

“Who is it?” The old human figure cried out furiously after dodging the attack. He waved his shriveled hand before suddenly clenching it. Immediately a couple of partially visible energy arcs violently grabbed at a certain spot in the dark forest.


Five sharp winds shot out of the old human figure’s hand-claw. They blasted apart a couple of enormous trees that were as thick as one’s thigh, causing sawdust to scatter in all directions.

The old human figure’s face changed after his attack failed to hit his target. He was just...

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