Chapter 87: Try To Kill (Teaser)

Chapter 87: Try To Kill

“Jie, Xiao Yan’s situation isn’t looking too good.” Looking towards the field at the weapon-less Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning said nervously.

Xiao Yu, with a calm and collected face whispered: “Why should I care if he dies, he wanted to be a hero. Now he’s better. He failed to become a hero and is being bullied by others while losing face.” Slightly staying silent for a moment, Xiao Yu sighed: “Get ready to save him. Jia Lie Ao, that scoundrel looks like he’s out for blood.”

Xiao Ning nodded his head reluctantly and did not dare to get on her bad side.

Compared to the nervous Xiao Yu, Xun Er appeared to be exceedingly calm. The pupils of her eyes swept across the field and fell upon the disadvantaged Xiao Yan while her luscious lips held a faint smile.


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