Chapter 87: Try To Kill

Chapter 87: Try To Kill

“Jie, Xiao Yan’s situation isn’t looking too good.” Looking towards the field at the weapon-less Xiao Yan, Xiao Ning said nervously.

Xiao Yu, with a calm and collected face whispered: “Why should I care if he dies, he wanted to be a hero. Now he’s better. He failed to become a hero and is being bullied by others while losing face.” Slightly staying silent for a moment, Xiao Yu sighed: “Get ready to save him. Jia Lie Ao, that scoundrel looks like he’s out for blood.”

Xiao Ning nodded his head reluctantly and did not dare to get on her bad side.

Compared to the nervous Xiao Yu, Xun Er appeared to be exceedingly calm. The pupils of her eyes swept across the field and fell upon the disadvantaged Xiao Yan while her luscious lips held a faint smile.

Sidestepping with some difficulty, Xiao Yan dodged Jia Lie Ao’s attack. Just as Xiao Yan retreated, Jia Lie Ao closed in since the wind attribute technique amplified his speed. Clenching his fists firmly, with a fierce expression, Jia Lie Ao heavily attacked towards Xiao Yan’s head.

With his back to the wall, unable to evade, Xiao Yan’s face was still as calm as pond water and slowly let out a breath. A faint yellow Dou Qi ferociously rushed out onto his clenched fists. With an indomitable violent manner, he finally started to direct clash with Jia Lie Ao.

Seeing that Xiao Yan chose to meet force with force against Jia Lie Ao, the surrounding crowd could not help but make some commotion. The large discrepancy between the levels of both sides was obvious. If Xiao Yan had continued to choose to evade, then he could still stall the fight. But if he chose brute force, then he would undoubtedly be defeated.

Just when everyone was about to feel pity for Xiao Yan, those firmly held fists of Xiao Yan suddenly spread out and a fierce formless pushing force abruptly appeared and ruthlessly smashed into Jia Lie Ao’s stomach.

Jia Lie Ao’s stomach suffered an indescribably powerful attack as his quick and violent charge was immediately reflected back. His face became pale and with eyes full of maliciousness, a thought hurriedly flashed through his head: “What Dou technique is this? How could it be so strange?”

The faces of many people watching were astonished after seeing Jia Lie Ao unexpectedly blown backwards.

“Vacuum hand!”

Spreading out his palm and targeting Jia Lie Ao who was flying back, Xiao Yan, with an extremely sinister gaze chose the best opportunity. Immediately, with a wild suction force, he ruthlessly pulled at Jia Lie Ao.

In midair, pulled back as if he were a leather ball, Jia Lie Ao became extremely furious and gritted his teeth towards Xiao Yan who was getting closer and closer while holding a trace of cruelty on his face. Cyan Dou Qi quickly condensed onto the surface of his fist, unexpectedly forming into a small whirlpool: “Low Xuan Dou Technique: Green Wind Whirling Fist!”

The fist in midair brought a sound of piercing wind while the immense wind pressure from the technique blew back the junk on the ground next to Xiao Yan.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, feeling that colliding violent wind pressure, Xiao Yan’s complexion gradually turned grave. His body, after a moment of silence, suddenly turned around. His right foot stamped firmly onto the wall with an enormous force, leaving a half-inch deep imprint. Using the wall’s counter force, Xiao Yan’s body whirled around in midair and his right leg curved into a weird arc. In this moment, his flexible legs appeared as if they were as hard as steel.

“Octane Blast!”

Pursing his lips, Xiao Yan’s face was cold. His right foot in the air had finally stored up enough force and under the gazes of the crowd, it met with Jia Lie Ao’s oncoming fist and made an explosion on contact.

“Don’t get cocky just because you’re a three star Dou Zhe!”

At the moment foot and fist clashed, yellow Dou Qi rushed forth from Xiao Yan’s right leg with a light sound, making Jia Lie Ao’s face change abruptly.

“Bang!” Fist and foot collided as a muffled thunder arose from the point of contact.

“Kacha!” Right at the moment of contact, the sound of bones being broken pierced through the air. Following the noise, Xiao Yan and Jia Lie Ao’s bodies flew backwards at almost the same time.

His body smashing heavily against the wall behind him, Xiao Yan tasted something sweet rise up in his throat and then spat out a mouthful of blood that sprayed onto the ground.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had vomited blood, the mercenaries in the vicinity all sighed with regret. They all thought that Xiao Yan had already been defeated but suddenly Jia Lie Ao, who had fiercely slammed onto the ground, suddenly gripped his right hand. He rolled all about on the floor, releasing howls of anguish.

Within the crowd, there was no lack of shrewd spectators. Once they noticed the grotesque shape that Jia Lie Ao’s arm had been twisted into, they couldn’t help but draw a sharp breath, their faces displaying shock.

The sounds of clamor within the crowd went silent at this moment. Gazes of astonishment fixated on the youth who was panting heavily near the wall. After a long while, cheers suddenly erupted into the air.

Her red lips slightly parted, Xiao Yu gazed in disbelief at Jia Lie Ao who was wailing miserably and said in amazement: “That little bastard, he actually won?”

“It seems that way. That guy’s arm was broken by Xiao Yan……” Xiao Ning swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Xiao Yan’s ferocious attack made him recall the miserable condition he had been put in before. However, Jia Lie Ao’s current condition was obviously worse, about ten times worse. Staring at the Jia Lie Ao whose bone was nearly sticking out of his arm, Xiao Ning could tell that this guy’s arm was most likely permanently disabled.

Hearing Xiao Ning’s confirmation, Xiao Yu didn’t speak for a while. Her vision fiercely fixated on Xiao Yan who was gasping for air: “So it turns out that this little bastard had already advanced into the Dou Zhe realm. No wonder he wasn’t the least bit scared.”


After sitting on the ground for a whole ten minutes, Xiao Yan slowly climbed to his feet and swept a cold glance at the nearby Liu Xi who gawked stupidly. Dragging his numb right leg, he picked up an iron rod at his side. He gazed ominously at the howling Jia Lie Ao on the ground and drew over with difficulty. Jia Lie Ao’s attack from just a moment ago already revealed the murderous intent he had towards Xiao Yan. To those who wanted his life, Xiao Yan wouldn’t be unnecessarily merciful either.

Lying on the ground and staring at the Xiao Yan who drew steadily nearer, Jia Lie Ao’s face no longer held any hint of viciousness but rather looked panic-stricken as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He could clearly distinguish that look of murder in Xiao Yan’s eyes, and couldn’t help but hastily say: “I yield!”

Xiao Yan’s face was completely expressionless and seemed as if he didn’t even hear a word. He gripped the iron rod in his hand even tighter.

Looking at that youth’s steeled expression, even if it was the bloodthirsty mercenaries, they couldn’t help but feel a bit frightened. The current Xiao Yan made it hard for people to believe that he and the previously ever-smiling youth were the same person.

His steps halting, Xiao Yan towered above Jia Lie Ao and stared at him. He suddenly grinned but that full smile which showed off those pearly white teeth made Jia Lie Ao’s heart grow cold. Only now did he realize that this youth who was normally as calm as a sheep, actually possessed a heart even more cruel than his.

“Die, you scum……”

Laughing lightly, Xiao Yan’s pitch black pupils suddenly radiated even sharper killing intent and the black iron rod in his hand whistled fiercely through the air to smash towards Jia Lie Ao’s head.

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