Chapter 868: Frighten Off

Chapter 868: Frighten Off


Two human figures suddenly crossed each other in the sky. A low thunder-like explosion sounded in the sky as a fist and leg made contact.

The figures made momentary contact before they swiftly flashed and retreated. The footsteps of one person was somewhat chaotic. Clearly, he had suffered a small loss from that ferocious collision.

“Hee hee, First Elder Su Qian. Do you really treat me like the Han Feng from back then?” Han Feng’s feet landed in the empty air as he stabilized his body. He coldly laughed at Su Qian, who was staggering not far away.

“It is unexpected that your strength has actually been raised this much during these few years. However, this little tactic is likely insufficient if you wish to defeat the old me!” Su Qian might have fell into a slight disadvantage, but he did not lose himself as he replied in a faint voice.

“Old fellow, I was merely playing with you. Do you really think that I only possess these little tactics? If I had not lost my ‘Sea Heart Flame’, killing you would not require much effort!” Han Feng shook his...

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