Chapter 865: Capturing

Chapter 865: Capturing

An enormous grayish-brown fire bird flapped its wings as it floated in the azure sky. Hot waves radiated from its body, causing the space in the sky to become distorted. The surrounding space would emit a slight ripple each time this so-called ‘Star Fire Phoenix’ flapped its wings. Hot, wild wind whizzed around this place, causing one’s head to be filled with perspiration as though one was in a desert…

The faces of Fang Yan’s group had clearly turned much paler after this enormous grayish-brown fire bird appeared. Moreover, their auras swiftly became sluggish. Clearly, they had already consumed most of their strength in order to agglomerate the form of this ‘Star Fire Phoenix,’ that possessed a great amount of destructive strength.

Although Fang Yan’s face was pale, the viciousness between his brows became denser. He laughed at Xiao Yan in the middle in a strange manner, “Chief Xiao. How is this ‘Star Fire Phoenix of ours? Can it be compared with your ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced at the old face covered with a vicious hatred. The corner of his mouth was curled slightly as he nonchalantly asked, “Is this your ultimate killing move?”

The corner of First Elder Fang Yan’s eyes twitched when he heard the relaxed tone...

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