Chapter 864: Life Transforming Flame

Chapter 864: Life Transforming Flame

The grayish-brown flame remained suspended above Xiao Yan’s head. It appeared like a grayish sun that repeatedly emitted a frighteningly high temperature that caused the air to distort. This kind of temperature was already very close to the Green Lotus Core Flame that Xiao Yan had obtained back then…

Of course, this flame was merely close to it. A ‘Heavenly Flame’ was a completely unique thing in this world. Nothing could replicate it. This point was something that Xiao Yan was clearly aware of in his heart. Although this so-called ‘Flame Creation Skill’ was mysterious, it was far from the level of being able to create a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ At its very best, it could only achieve something that was very close to that of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Always and forever… it would never be able to surpass the later!

Although Xiao Yan was thinking in this manner, Fang Yan and the two Elders from the Demon Flame Valley clearly did not think the same way. They were filled with a great confidence by this grayish-brown flame formed from the merger of Dou Qi from their bodies. During these years, the ‘Fake Heavenly Flame’ that they had formed had caused quite a number...

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