Chapter 861: Five Great Dou Zong

Chapter 861: Five Great Dou Zong

An old white-haired human figure was smiling and looking down at everyone below while remaining suspended in the sky. From his appearance, it was surprisingly First Elder Su Qian from the Inner Academy.

“Ke ke, so the fun show is actually here. The old me nearly missed it.” Su Qian smiled descended from the sky. He stopped beside Xiao Yan’s group. Surprise flashed in his eyes as he looked at Han Feng. “It is unexpected that you are not dead and have also broken through to the Dou Zong class. This is really surprising.”

“This is also all thanks to all of you.” Han Feng’s expression was dark and cold. His heart slightly sank. The sudden appearance of Su Qian had caught him somewhat off guard. He was clearly aware of the other party’s strength. Although he was currently no longer afraid of Su Qian in a one-on-one fight, the other party also had a mysterious Dou Zong woman of unknown origin. If these two elite Dou Zongs joined hands, even the many people from the Demon Flame Valley would find it quite difficult to resist them…

Moreover, the other party still had the existence of Xiao Yan. Han Feng might possess...

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