Chapter 860: Fellow Disciples Meeting Again

Chapter 860: Fellow Disciples Meeting Again

The face that appeared in front of Xiao Yan was not an unfamiliar one. Back then, it was he who had personally ended that person’s life. This person was the first disciple of Yao Lao, Xiao Yan’s senior, and the Pill Emperor in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then, Han Feng!

The current Han Feng clearly appeared a little older compared to back then. His eyes, which were glaring at Xiao Yan, was filled with a thick savageness. If not for Xiao Yan back then, he could have continued to dominate this ‘Black-Corner Region’. In the end, everything had completely collapsed because of Xiao Yan. Not only did he lose his greatly sought after position, but he also ended up with a miserable fate of having his spirit parted with his physical body. If he hadn’t controlled a ‘Heavenly Flame’ like the ‘Sea Heart Flame’ nor wisely found an opportunity to gift it to a zun-zhe in the ‘Hall of Souls’, it was likely that he would have long since been taken by the ‘Hall of Souls’ to be refined. How would he be able to live until now?

However, it was fortunate that that zun-zhe from the ‘Hall of Souls’ had specifically dispatched someone...

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