Chapter 860: Fellow Disciples Meeting Again

Chapter 860: Fellow Disciples Meeting Again

The face that appeared in front of Xiao Yan was not an unfamiliar one. Back then, it was he who had personally ended that person’s life. This person was the first disciple of Yao Lao, Xiao Yan’s senior, and the Pill Emperor in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then, Han Feng!

The current Han Feng clearly appeared a little older compared to back then. His eyes, which were glaring at Xiao Yan, was filled with a thick savageness. If not for Xiao Yan back then, he could have continued to dominate this ‘Black-Corner Region’. In the end, everything had completely collapsed because of Xiao Yan. Not only did he lose his greatly sought after position, but he also ended up with a miserable fate of having his spirit parted with his physical body. If he hadn’t controlled a ‘Heavenly Flame’ like the ‘Sea Heart Flame’ nor wisely found an opportunity to gift it to a zun-zhe in the ‘Hall of Souls’, it was likely that he would have long since been taken by the ‘Hall of Souls’ to be refined. How would he be able to live until now?

However, it was fortunate that that zun-zhe from the ‘Hall of Souls’ had specifically dispatched someone to find the body of an elite Dou Zong for Han Feng on account of him taking the initiative to deliver the ‘Heavenly Flame’. After which, he struck that person until his spirit scattered and allowed Han Feng to swallow and absorb the body, allowing the latter to gain possession of it. Only then did Han Feng regain his current strength. However, this was merely a method to delay time. This body could at the very most enable him to live for over a decade. After that, the physical body would automatically crack apart. His spirit could only disappear along with this rotting physical body. He would no longer have any opportunity to escape alive…

Of course, regardless of what would happen, that was a matter that would happen over a decade later. Being able to live for such a long time was already considered a great grace to Han Feng, who had been about to turn into nourishment. During these remaining days of his, his viciousness and killing intent for Xiao Yan, the person who had turned him into this manner, had gradually soared to a frightening level. Hence, he had rushed to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ after having just appeared. If he had not caught wind of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva during his journey, he would likely have straight up attacked ‘Xiao Gate’ and killed everyone within it to vent the hatred in his heart.

As the saying goes, enemies would become angrier when they meet. However, Han Feng and Xiao Yan had collided head-on. At this moment, the killing intent within the former’s heart was about to physically erupt. His vicious and savage eyes firmly stared at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not display any emotion that suggested he had forgotten himself in the face of the vicious eyes from Han Feng. After the initial surprise within his heart past, he began to gradually calm down. His gaze faintly swept over Han Feng as he coldly laughed, “It is unexpected that you, a traitor, would actually still be alive. How unexpected…”

“This is all thanks to you my good junior.” Han Feng’s gaze was vicious as he ferociously laughed. “It is likely that I would have difficulty achieving this strength if not for you. This time around, I will extract your soul and let you taste what is called a fate worse than death!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were indifferent. He was completely unmoved by Han Feng’s threat. Although he was unaware of the reason why Han Feng’s strength had soared to such an extent, the current Xiao Yan was also no longer the young man who had to rely on the great increase in his strength to reach the peak of the Dou Wang class.

The current Xiao Yan was already a genuine four star Dou Huang. During these few years, he had met and even exchanged blows with quite a number of elite Dou Zongs. Moreover, it was not as though no elite Dou Zong had fallen in his hands. Hence, Xiao Yan was not too worried about Han Feng, whose strength had soared to the Dou Zong class. If they were to really engage in an all out battle, it was not certain just who would end up dying.

“The interior of your body no longer has the aura of that old fellow… that’s right, I had forgotten. That old fellow actually fell into the hands of the ‘Hall of Souls’. Why? Did he not have a high appraisal of you? Did he not think that you were able to protect him? Ha ha, now that I look at it, the eyesight of that old man who will not die is just as poor as it was in the past!” Han Feng slyly laughed when he saw that Xiao Yan was expressionless.


A jade-green flame suddenly surged from Xiao Yan’s body. Its frighteningly high temperature instantly spread over the sky. The forest below began to emit a curling white smoke because of the high temperature. A moment later, it finally turned into a fierce flame that began to spread.

The jade-green flame wrapped Xiao Yan within it. At this moment, Xiao Yan’s expression was unusually ferocious. His dark-black eyes were filled with jade-green flames. They appeared extremely frightening, just like two clusters of serene-green ghost fires. A cruel killing intent pounced out onto Xiao Yan’s ferocious face like a fierce prehistoric beast. Such a killing intent had never been present before.

These words of Han Feng had truly hacked at Xiao Yan’s weakest point. Yao Lao was forcefully captured by the ‘Hall of Souls’ right in front of him, but he could only just watch as it happened. He was unable to rescue him. That kind of helpless feeling was just like a poisonous snake that repeatedly bit at Xiao Yan’s inner heart. Yao Lao had spent an extremely great amount of effort on him. The many years of training had allowed him to walk away from being a useless person until this level. Xiao Yan’s feelings for Yao Lao could basically be comparable to feelings he had for his father… however, despite the great effort that Yao Lao had put in because of him, the result of it was that the latter was still unable to escape being captured by the ‘Hall of Souls’...

This kind of ending was just like a sharp knife that violently cut back and forth at Xiao Yan’s heart, causing Xiao Yan to constantly remain remorseful. If his strength had been great enough, Yao Lao would not have been captured, and he would be able to easily rescue his father. All of this would not have happened…

At this moment, Xiao Yan once again understood the importance of strength after Han Feng pulled apart the bleeding wound in his heart. A crazy fanaticism to the pursuit of strength surged within his heart.

With strength, he would be able to rescue his father and Yao Lao from the hands of the ‘Hall of Souls’. With strength, he would be able to go look for Xun Er, ignore the frightening background behind her and ask her to stay beside him forever!

Xiao Yan’s strength was different from an ordinary person’s. His strength originated from the ‘Heavenly Flames’. If he wished to become strong to the point where he need not even fear the ‘Hall of Souls’, he would need to crazily swallow ‘Heavenly Flames’!

“‘Heavenly Flames’... after this matter is over, I will focus on searching for the ‘Heavenly Flames’. Anyone who hinders me shall die!” A low roar sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart. He abruptly raised his head and shot his ferocious gaze toward Han Feng. His voice was filled with a stern killing intent that caused one’s pores to open wide.

“Bastard Han Feng. If I do not personally kill you, this bastard who betrays his teacher, I, Xiao Yan, will swear that I will not continue being human!”

The dense voice seemed to have been emitted from the depths of hell. It carried an obsession that was difficult to erase as it lingered over the sky. It caused the expressions of those from the Demon Flame Valley and Han Feng to slightly change.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan by Xiao Yan’s side were a little surprised as they looked at Xiao Yan. Ever since they were acquainted with him, they had never seen Xiao Yan’s emotion become this violent. Clearly, the words of Han Feng earlier had touched the scar on Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Junior is really bold but we will just have to see if you have the qualification to kill me!” Han Feng finally shook his head and coldly laughed a moment later.

“He might not have it, but I do!”

A cold voice slowly sounded as the Little Fairy Doctor softly stepped forward. Her grayish-purple eyes stared emotionless at Han Feng as her somewhat pale, delicate hand was extended. There was an unusual gray energy quietly lingering on it.

Han Feng immediately frowned when he heard the Little Fairy Doctor speak. He was clearly aware of the latter’s strength. Even the current him would have quite a troublesome time dealing with her. Immediately, his eyes drifted to Xiao Yan as he coldly laughed, “Junior, even this senior has to respect you for your affinity with women. However, when will you be able to rely on your own strength? This act of yours has really embarrassed that old fellow’s reputation.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were ferocious as he stared at Han Feng. A moment later, his savage face suddenly revealed a smile as he softly said, “Senior, please don’t use such tactics. Although you are currently neither human nor a ghost, you were after all once the Pill Emperor of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Hence, please don’t embarrass yourself.”

The harsh words of Xiao Yan caused Han Feng’s face to violently twitch. He inhaled a breath of air and suppressed the fury in his heart before laughing furiously, “Despite not having met for a couple of years, your tongue has remained as sharp as ever. However, I wonder if your strength has also advanced to such an extent?”

“This is something Senior will know after you try…” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. The ferocity on his face had also slowly become calm at this moment. However, the killing intent within his dark-black eyes had increased instead of decreased. The current Xiao Yan could be considered someone with much experience. He was naturally aware that being enraged in this kind of situation would not benefit him by even a little.

Mo Tian Xing was slightly startled as he looked at the daggers drawn atmosphere between Han Feng and Xiao Yan. Fight, just fight. It would be best if the both of you ended up seriously injuring one another. The best case would be for everyone to die. In that way, he would not only be able to obtain that Zong Breaking Pill, but would also be able to successfully obtain that strange spiritual swallowing method of the Demon Flame Valley…

The eyes of Old Ying Shan within the col also revealed a gloating expression. Such a situation was naturally the best for him…

“Do you really think that the three of you can deal with us?” Han Feng coldly laughed. Fang Yan on his side was already an expert who had half a foot in the Dou Zong class. With the cooperation of the other few Demon Flame Valley’s Elders, they would even be able to fight with an elite Dou Zong.

Intending to agree with Han Feng, Fang Yan and the Elders from the Demon Flame Valley behind all began to coldly laugh in unison. Powerful Dou Qi surged to the sky. Their auras were quite frightening when they merged.

“If they are not sufficient, why don’t you include the old me?”

Just as the Elders from the Demon Flame Valley were acting haughty, an old laugh rolled through the sky like thunder. Immediately, a human figure rushed over and appeared in the sky of this area within a couple of breath’s time. A torrent-like majestic aura surged out and suppressed the aura of the Elders from the Demon Flame Valley.

Han Feng’s expression immediately sank when he saw the old human figure appear in the sky.

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