Chapter 857: Probe

Chapter 857: Probe

The forest shrouded by a strange atmosphere suddenly stiffened. And the reason why the atmosphere stiffened was because of the ten plus shadow faced figures that appeared behind everyone. They slowly walked out and the vicious aura that leaked out of their body made them realize that these people were savage characters willing to go to their death for money.

The large group of people who had been following behind Old Ying Shan slowed their footsteps and came to a stop in the face of these ten plus human figures who had suddenly appeared. Their gazes immediately contained various emotions as they looked at the back of these ten plus people. In this kind of strange atmosphere, the little rational thought that remained in these people, after being seared by greed, would be completely incinerated should someone spur them on.

These ten plus shadowy-faced human figures appeared to be a small group. However, the strength of this group was not weak. The leader, a man with somewhat pale-white hair, was clearly an expert Dou Wang. The remaining people were also not ordinary...

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