Chapter 853: Green-Red Blood

Chapter 853: Green-Red Blood

“You know what’s valuable in this dried corpse, right?”

The heat in Xiao Yan’s eyes was slowly withdrawn as he suddenly stared at Zi Yan beside the table. He spoke in a somewhat fervent manner. If not because of this girl’s prodding, it was likely that he would never have found out that this claw would reveal such a mysterious scene after being grilled by the ‘Heavenly Flame’.

Xiao Yan glanced at this green-red spike that was exceptionally sharp despite its small size. He grabbed it and gently pulled it across the surface of the table. Immediately, the hard table that was made from solid wood broke apart like beancurd. The point where it broke apart was as smooth as a mirror.

“What a sharp bone spike…” The sharpness of this thing caused Xiao Yan to gently inhale a breath of cool air. Almost instantly, the gaze he used to look at Zi Yan became an ardent one. Since this girl knew the method to resolve the secret of this claw, it was likely that she was also aware of other things, right?

Zi Yan merely lifted her exquisite chin in a proud manner in the face of Xiao Yan’s gaze. She said,...

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