Chapter 852: Splitting a Corpse

Chapter 852: Splitting a Corpse

Xiao Yan smiled as he quickly looked over the Magical Beast corpse that had appeared in the room. His body moved and he leaped down from the bed. After which, he slowly walked to the side of the corpse. His eyes slowly took in the sight before him.

Due to this Magical Beast corpse having been dead for a long time, the flesh on its entire body had dried and shrunk together. Therefore, Xiao Yan was unable to identify just what Magical Beast it was from its outer appearance. However, Xiao Yan did not have much interest in the body of this Magical Beast. His only interest were the jade-like bone wings of this Magical Beast since they could help him refine a pair of high quality Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings.

Xiao Yan shifted his feet, and stopped when he was next to the jade-like bone wings, which were twenty to thirty feet wide. His hand gently rubbed the bone wings. An frigid feeling could be felt from his hand. However, this icy-cool feeling contained a faint warmth. It was difficult to imagine that this dried corpse, that had been dead for an unknown number of years, would still be able...

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