Chapter 851: Deliberating a Plan

Chapter 851: Deliberating a Plan

Xiao Yan’s words sort of startled Xiao Li and Su Qian, but their faces did not reveal any surprise. They had already guessed a little of the reason for Xiao Yan’s trip.

“You are also interested in that thing?” Su Qian mused for a moment. His finger was gently tapping on the table’s surface as he slowly said.

“This friend of mine needs that thing to save her life…” Xiao Yan sighed.

Su Qian and Xiao Li were startled when they heard this. They immediately glanced at the Little Fairy Doctor by his side. They both frowned and said, “Can you tell us what is happening?”

Xiao Yan hesitated a little. His eyes swept over to the Little Fairy Doctor. Only after seeing the latter nod her head did he roughly mention the Little Fairy Doctor’s situation. He naturally did not hide the matter of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ while he spoke.

“Woeful Poison Body?”

Xiao Li was still alright after hearing the name that had come from Xiao Yan’s mouth. Su Qian, however, had gently inhaled a breath of cold air. His eyes were shocked as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, who was biting her lower red lip with the back of her teeth. He had heard about this kind extremely rare and special condition. Naturally, he knew just how terrifying this thing was. The ‘Woeful Poison Body’ had appeared on the Dou Qi continent in the past. However, all of the people who possessed it brought forth quite a big disaster without exception. Thousands of kilometers of death without any humans or beasts surviving was like a nightmare that was spread through the records of many books.

“No wonder she was able to become an elite Dou Zong at such an age. It was because of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’...” The shock in Su Qian’s eyes slowly withdrew sometime later as he softly muttered to himself. From the very beginning, he had felt perplexed by the Little Fairy Doctor’s age. After all, it was the first time that he had met such a young Dou Zong. If she had simply relied on her own talent, it would have been a little too frightening. Even Xiao Yan was far inferior.

“The ‘Woeful Poison Body’ grows increasingly closer to the time of its eruption following an increase in her strength. Currently, the Little Fairy Doctor has less than two years time. If we do not think of a way to control it, her poison body will erupt, replaying the events of another disastrous tragedy.” Xiao Yan slowly explained.

“That Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is able to help her?” Xiao Li frowned and asked.

“Yes. As long as I obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, I will be able to help her completely control the ‘Woeful Poison Body’.” Xiao Yan nodded heavily as he replied.

Hearing this, Su Qian used a somewhat strange expression to look at Xiao Yan. He said, “The ‘Woeful Poison Body’ has appeared on Dou Qi continent before. However, all of them ended up erupting and dying. Not a single person has successfully controlled the ‘Woeful Poison Body’. After all, the stronger one was, the greater the density of the poison within one’s body. The eruption will be more terrifying…”

“First Elder, please rest reassured. As long as I have gathered the ingredients, I have the confidence to do it.” Xiao Yan smiled and continued, “However, the greatest problem currently is how to obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. There are quite a number of people in this Black Emperor City who are after it.”

“What quite a number? As long as it is a person with some strength, he will be targeting it.” Su Qian shook his head. He frowned before continuing, “However, it will not be an easy task to obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from the hands of Old Ying Shan. That old fellow is an expert in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ from the older generation. His strength is likely a little stronger than even mine. Moreover, that fellow is extremely vicious. Back when he shook the ‘Black-Corner Region’, there were an unknown number of factions who died by his hand. It is not going overboard to say that he is filled with bloody debts.”

“Does First Elder know the exact strength of that Old Ying Shan? Does he have any factions behind him?” Xiao Yan voiced his thoughts.

“This old fellow is eccentric, and doesn’t like to be constrained. Hence, he will likely be alone. However, his current strength should have reached the level of a four star Dou Zong.” Su Qian slowly responded.

“Is he alone?” Xiao Yan sighed in relief. Regardless of the situation, dealing with a single person was much more relaxing than dealing with an entire faction.

“If the old me were to join hands with the Little Fairy Doctor, we should be able to defeat Old Ying Shan. However, things are not so simple. Even if we snatch the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva from his hands first, how will we face those many people with malicious intent following him?” Su Qian spoke with a deep voice. “This is especially the case for that Demon Flame Valley. They have dispatched quite a number of experts this time around. That Fang Yan is an expert with half a foot into the Dou Zong class, and he is extremely strong. Adding those Dou Huang Elders who cooperate well, they should be enough to momentarily delay a Dou Zong. Perhaps you have also sensed it, but there is also a mysterious gray-robed person of unknown origin in the Demon Flame Valley’s group. That person is definitely an elite Dou Zong!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes also sank when he heard Su Qian mention that mysterious gray-robed person. The person whom he was most afraid of was this mysterious gray-robed person…

“Is this person the valley chief of the Demon Flame Valley?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“No. The valley chief of the Demon Flame Valley is currently in a retreat. Moreover, that old fellow’s aura is completely different from this gray-robed person. Therefore, they cannot be the same person.” Su Qian shook his head and rejected Xiao Yan’s guess.

“Where did the Demon Flame Valley find such an expert to help them? An elite Dou Zong. Regardless of how low a profile he keeps, rumors would definitely spread in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” Xiao Yan spoke in a soft doubtful manner.

Su Qian and Xiao Li shook their heads. The latter frowned and said, “This gray-robed person never revealed himself when we fought with the Demon Flame Valley in the past. It is likely that he only started cooperating with the Demon Flame Valley recently.”

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. He immediately clenched his fist and softly said, “No matter where this fellow came from, we must obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva this time around. Otherwise, once that Old Ying Shan brings that thing into the deep mountains and ancient forests, we will lose his trace. At that time, where would we go and find another Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva?”

“If you really want to target the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, the old me suggests that you don’t be the first to act. Currently, this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is a scalding item. Anyone who obtains it will invite a countless number of greedy eyes.” Su Qian slowly said. “The sparrow is behind the mantis hunting the cicada. Behind the sparrow is a hunter. In this kind of chaotic snatching, the person who strikes the earliest will be at the greatest disadvantage.”

“First Elder is trying to say wait to be the last person to strike?” Xiao Yan hesitated and asked.

“Even if we aren’t the last, we cannot be the first. Observe the situation and act when the opportunity comes.” Su Qian’s eyes narrowed as he faintly laughed.

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment when he heard this. He nodded and said, “In that case, we will do as First Elder has said.”

“Relax, there are spies from ‘Xiao Gate’ where Old Ying Shan resides. Should any changes occur in the city, we will obtain news almost immediately.” Xiao Li laughed, “All of you should rest here during these two days. There will be someone who will inform you should there be an update to the situation.”

Xiao Yan nodded his head. They were naturally able to save quite a lot of trouble with the help of the people from ‘Xiao Gate.’

The atmosphere in the hall became somewhat more relaxing after they had finished discussing the most important matter. Xiao Li asked a female servant to serve tea, and suddenly changed the topic of conversation, “That’s right, what has happened in the Jia Ma Empire? The last message I received was a letter from big brother requesting help. It said that three large empires and three large sects had joined hands to attack the Yan Alliance? Back then, I was unable to divert any manpower due to us just having a big fight with the Demon Flame Valley. When the situation for us had become a little better, the empire had dispatched news that everything was fine.”

Xiao Yan’s face was somewhat stiff when he heard Xiao Li’s sudden question. The delicate hands of the Little Fairy Doctor by the side also vaguely trembled while she held her teacup. She sipped some tea, lowered her eyes, and revealed an unnatural expression.

“Ke ke, everything’s fine…” Xiao Yan placed his teacup down and viciously stared at Zi Yan who was curling her small mouth. After which, he laughed and randomly emitted a response. He hurriedly said, “Second brother, you should help us arrange a place to stay. We have not rested properly during these few days.”

“In that case, all of you should go and have a good night’s rest. I will send someone to inform you if we receive any news tomorrow.”

Xiao Li relaxed after hearing that everything was fine. He smiled and nodded before waving over a female servant to lead Xiao Yan’s group to the rooms in the backyard.

Xiao Yan glanced at the expression of the Little Fairy Doctor beside him as he walked down the quiet corridor of the compound. He softly said, “Relax, it’s fine. You cannot be blamed for this matter.”

The Little Fairy Doctor faintly nodded. She immediately let out a bitter laugh. If she had known earlier that Xiao Yan was the chief of the Yan Alliance, there would not have been that one year long war. Now that the matter had already occurred, she could only be glad that she did not cause any of Xiao Yan’s relatives to die in that war. Otherwise, she really would not have the face to stand beside Xiao Yan, nor watch him help her spend the time and effort to control her poison body.

“Alright, you should go and rest first. We can talk tomorrow.” Xiao Yan smiled. He gave the Little Fairy Doctor a suggestion when he saw that the female servant had stopped outside of a room.

“Yes, you should also rest early.” The Little Fairy Doctor nodded her head after seeing that it was already quite late. She spoke gentle to Xiao Yan before shifting her feet to softly walk into the room.

Xiao Yan sent the Little Fairy Doctor into the room with his eyes before sighing. He immediately passed through a corridor and quickly walked into his own room.

The night sky was like a black curtain that covered the Black Emperor City. The faint, cool light of the moon passed through a layer of cloud and scattered down. Finally, it landed in a room where a black-robed, young man was training with his eyes shut.

Substance-like energy lingered around Xiao Yan’s nose before being absorbed into his body. After some refinement, it turned into threads of pure Dou Qi that entered his body.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his tightly shut eyes. He sensed the soundless joy that was emitted from his cells after being filled with strength. He smiled and waved his hand. A large black-colored object immediately appeared in this somewhat big room.

The black-colored item was quite big. It occupied over half of his room when it appeared. Gem-like bone wings reflected a faint light as warm lamplight radiated on it, giving it an exceptionally strange appearance.

This thing was naturally that Magical Beast corpse that Xiao Yan had paid a great price to obtain from the Black Emperor Sect.

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