Chapter 850: Discussion

Chapter 850: Discussion

Everyone in the hall was stunned when they saw the familiar face that was filled with a helpless expression. Immediately, numerous cries of disbelief were emitted from Xiao Li, First Elder Su Qian, and a couple of others.

“Third brother?”

“Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan removed the black Doupeng completely from his head and stored it into his Storage Ring. His shrugged his shoulders toward Xiao Li’s group whose faces were filled with disbelief. He smiled and said, “Why? Don’t you recognise me?”

Xiao Li’s group slowly recovered from their shock after hearing this familiar voice. Joy instantly surged onto their faces. Xiao Li took strode over and violently patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders before laughing with a face filled with smiles, “It is unexpected that the mysterious tier 6 alchemist is actually you. You really caused us to worry.”

A warmth also surged in Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at Xiao Li, whose face was filled with joy. He softly laughed, “The situation in the Black Emperor City is not quite right. Moreover, I’m worried that those fellows from the Demon Flame Valley would recognize me. Hence, I have hidden my shape and...

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