Chapter 85: Acceptance (Teaser)

Chapter 85: Acceptance

Facing dozens of four star Dou Zhe level practitioners wielding steel rods, the squad of over ten people that had been flaunting their power suddenly froze. Before they had the chance to escape, those black metal rods ruthlessly rained down on every part of their bodies. In an instant, horrible shrills echoed through the entire street.

After throwing a cold glance at the ashen faced Jia Lie Ao, Xiao Yan tilted his head and faced the furious, red-faced Xiao Yu and asked in a gentle voice: "Are you alright? You should have informed me that you were coming over. Recently, this bunch of bastards from the Jia Lie Clan have been looking to stir up some trouble.”

Being suddenly treated so gently by Xiao Yan for the first time, Xiao Yu was obviously shocked. The redness on her face grew a shade...

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