Chapter 848: Old Man Ying Shan

Chapter 848: Old Man Ying Shan

“Old Ying Shan…”

Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a breath of air as his mouth softly emitted these words. The fists under his sleeves suddenly clenched. It was unexpected that he was unable to move the Black Emperor Sect despite having taken out a medicinal pill at the tier of the Zong Breaking Pill.

“It seems that the item that that person took out is even more valuable than your Zong Breaking Pill.” The Little Fairy Doctor by his side whispered with some surprise. It was unexpected that this inconspicuous old fellow would actually be able to take out something of this level.

Xiao Yan faintly nodded. Under the black robe, his gaze contained joy as it slowly shot toward the eagle-nosed old man. He frowned. Old Ying Shan? Was this the person’s title within the ‘Black-Corner Region’? It was likely that he was an expert of the older generation. Otherwise, it was not possible for Xiao Yan to not have heard of him.

The silence within the large hall continued for a moment before a crushing uproar suddenly appeared. Countless numbers of stunned gazes looked at the gray-haired...

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