Chapter 847: The Final Victor

Chapter 847: The Final Victor

The Zong Breaking Pill. Mo Tian Xing was not foreign to this medicinal pill that could be considered renowned. Qi Shan behind him was also not foreign to it. The effects of this medicinal pill similarly possessed an enormous attraction to them.

Currently, the Black Emperor Sect only had one elite Dou Zong, Mo Tian Xing. This was also the main reason why the Black Emperor Sect was able to stand within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ without collapsing. Hence, one could tell just what kind of deterrent effect an elite Dou Zong possessed within this region.

The Black Emperor Sect had been thinking of grooming a second elite Dou Zong during these years to act as Mo Tian Xing’s successor. The one who had the greatest chance to reach this class was naturally Mo Ya, who had displayed an outstanding training talent since he was young. The Black Emperor Sect had used an uncountable amount of spiritual medicines on the latter during these many years. Only through their liberal usage of spirituale medicines did they manage to allow Mo Ya to become an expert Dou Huang before he was thirty. However, simply...

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