Chapter 846: Each Revealing One’s Capital

Chapter 846: Each Revealing One’s Capital

The enormous auction ground descended into an unusual silence after Mo Tian Xing’s words sounded. A countless number of eyes swept over those in the VIP seats. Everyone knew that given the great value of this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, it was naturally impossible for an ordinary person to obtain. Those who had the qualification and ability to obtain it were the experts and ancient factions present in the VIP seats.

The VIP seats were strangely quiet. Even those large factions, that were ready to create trouble earlier, did not open their mouths in a frantic manner. Instead, their bodies leaned gently against the backrest of their chairs as their fingers gently knocked on their armrests. They did not open their mouths to say anything.

“Ha ha, it is this old me who has not made myself clear.”

Mo Tian Xing was also startled by this unusual silence. Immediately, he appeared to have recovered as he softly laughed and said, “Due to this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva being far too valuable, the auctioning method will also be somewhat different. Next, I will like to invite those friends who are...

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