Chapter 844: Barter Trade

Chapter 844: Barter Trade

The sudden bid instantly stirred up an uproar throughout the auction grounds. A Dou Spirit Pill and a Mighty Huang Pill, these two kinds of medicinal pills were exquisite medicinal pills able to raise the strength of a Dou Wang and Dou Huang respectively. This kind of medicinal pill possessed quite a great attraction to some experts present. After all, when one reached the Dou Wang and Dou Huang class, attempting to raise one’s strength by one star was not a simple task. Sometimes, it was not impossible to exhaust a couple years of effort.

A few years of bitter training required one medicinal pill to make up for it. This was undoubtedly the main reason for these experts to become crazy right now.

Similar to the Dou Spirit Pill, a medicinal pill like the Mighty Huang Pill would rarely be taken out by any faction to auction off. After all, as long as one possessed such a pill, one would be able to raise the strength of some core experts within one’s sect. This was very beneficial in terms of overall strength.

Hence, everyone was stunned when they heard that there was actually someone who would open his mouth to trade these kinds of medicinal...

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