Chapter 843: Auctioning Corpse

Chapter 843: Auctioning Corpse

Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings. This was something that he had obtained from the sect leader of the Gold Geese Sect back then. After obtaining this scroll to manufacture a flying Dou Technique, Xiao Yan had frequently practiced it and had gained some understanding on the creation of this thing.

On a whole, the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings did indeed have some unique points. From a certain point of view, they could be considered a different type of evolved flying wings. This was because the degree of strength of this kind of flying Dou Technique was completely determined by the ingredients. If the ingredients used to construct it were of a high grade, they would be a great help to even some experts of the Dou Zong class. However, if the ingredients were not up to par, they would be of little help.

The most important ingredient in refining the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings was the wings of some flying Magical Beast. According to the records on the scroll, the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings of Luo Yan Tian were created from the wings of a rank 6 Magical Beast. They could not really be considered a high grade. However, its flying speed was something that even Medusa...

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