Chapter 842: Magical Beast Dried Corpse

Chapter 842: Magical Beast Dried Corpse

Following the flow of time, the atmosphere within the auction ground continued to rise. The auction items that had appeared at this moment could already be considered a high grade items. The auction price was basically a sky high one to an ordinary person. Hence, most of the people were merely adopting the mentality of watching a show at this moment as they observed this auction. However, being able to witness some large factions fight over some treasures until their faces turned red and their necks became stiff made this trip worthwhile.

Xiao Yan had seldom bid after bidding for the ‘Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler’. Occasionally, he gave some bids because he fancied some rarer medicinal ingredients. Although their prices were expensive, they won in terms of not having too many competitors. Therefore, by the time he had spent all of the three million gold coins in his pocket, quite a few unusually rare spiritual medicines had landed in his hand.

As some auctioned items that caused one to be dazzled were placed on the auction table one after another, even Xiao Yan...

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