Chapter 841: Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler

Chapter 841: Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler

The white-haired old man carefully picked up the bright-red scroll from the silver plate before lifting it up for everyone in the auction to see. He smiled and said, “This ruler technique Dou Technique is called the Six Joint Body Flowing Ruler, a Di class Middle level Dou Technique. It was created a couple of centuries ago by the Six Joint zun-zhe who had dominated the continent back then. This ruler technique is a Dou Technique that made him renowned. Its strength is extremely strong. The only imperfection is that a ruler technique is somewhat unorthodox. Unless one has studied this weapon for decades, it is likely that one will have difficulty controlling it.”

TL: zun-zhe - respectful term that refers to a Dou Zun

Numerous exclamations sounded within the auction ground when they heard the name of Six Joint zun-zhe. A Dou Zun, that was a level that was extremely far from everyone present. Anything that was related to this level would undoubtedly see its value soar. Hence, there were still quite a number of people who were somewhat interested despite this weapon being somewhat unorthodox.

“Why? Are you interested?” The Little Fairy Doctor by the side involuntarily laughed...

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