Chapter 84: To Cripple (Teaser)

Chapter 84: To Cripple

Liu Xi was currently very excited. The source of his excitement was the pretty lady clad in green standing a short distance away.

The young lady’s clothes were elegant and her exquisite small face was devoid of any cosmetics, displaying an image of natural beauty and innocence. Her sleek black hair, which was randomly restricted by a short green cloth, gathered at her waist. When the wind blew, her drifting hair stirred one’s heart.

On the young lady’s unbearably small waist that one felt compelled to hug, a pale purple belt thoroughly outlined her graceful curves in a manner that even the eyes of a passerby could not help but peep at her waist. In his heart, Liu Xi secretly thought: ‘If I could embrace such a small waist, how enjoyable would it be?’

As his red-hot face watched the young lady, Liu Xi’s palms trembled due to excitement. The graceful young lady in front of him was...

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