Chapter 84: To Cripple

Chapter 84: To Cripple

Liu Xi was currently very excited. The source of his excitement was the pretty lady clad in green standing a short distance away.

The young lady’s clothes were elegant and her exquisite small face was devoid of any cosmetics, displaying an image of natural beauty and innocence. Her sleek black hair, which was randomly restricted by a short green cloth, gathered at her waist. When the wind blew, her drifting hair stirred one’s heart.

On the young lady’s unbearably small waist that one felt compelled to hug, a pale purple belt thoroughly outlined her graceful curves in a manner that even the eyes of a passerby could not help but peep at her waist. In his heart, Liu Xi secretly thought: ‘If I could embrace such a small waist, how enjoyable would it be?’

As his red-hot face watched the young lady, Liu Xi’s palms trembled due to excitement. The graceful young lady in front of him was totally different from all the others that he has had fun with. Adding her refined temperament, which was much like a lotus flower, the lustrous Liu Xi could not help but feel the desire to immediately have her.

Glancing at Xiao Ning who had just been driven to the ground with one strike, Liu Xi laughed, “Protecting ladies requires real ability which you do not have.”

Xiao Ning’s face turned red and furiously clenched his teeth angrily as he was mocked by Liu Xi.

“Xiao Ning, come back. You are no match for him,” Xiao Yu softly hooted as she stepped forward. Her face was slightly icy.

Xiao Ning clenched his teeth. He weighed both sides’ strength in his mind and could only unwillingly retreat. Having lost face in front of the girl he liked, Xiao Ning was utterly embarrassed.

After scanning Xiao Yu’s body with his eyes, Liu Xi’s gaze finally landed on her sexy and long legs and felt compelled to praise her, “Another lady of the highest grade. It seems my luck is quite good today.”

“Haha, Liu Xi Da-ge, they are members of the Xiao Clan. This woman's name is Xiao Yu. Her temper is short and men without some ability would not be able to conquer her.” Jia Lie Ao, who was accompanied by a group of burly large men, walked forward with a smile and laughed dreadfully.

TL: Da Ge – big brother

“Keke, the spicier ... the more delectable.” Liu Xi gaze once again turned to the silent young lady clad in green, his eyes released a greenish light. “Who is this lady?”

Seeing that his beloved person had caught the attention of Liu Xi, Jia Lie Ao’s mouth twitched slightly. He silently but ferociously cursed this bastard with worms in his head and in his heart before helplessly replied. “She is Xiao Xun Er.”

“A good name.” Laughing while nodding his head, Liu Xi stopped wasting his breath on Jia Lie Ao. He took two steps forward and acted like a gentleman as he spoke, “My name is Liu Xi. May I invite you ladies to join me in looking around the marketplace? Haha, if there is anything in the marketplace that you ladies are interested in, feel free to put it on my tab.” As he spoke, Liu Xi’s arms slowly widened, boastfully exposing the badge on his chest that revealed his occupation.

On the badge was a simple medicinal cauldron. On the surface of the medicinal cauldron was a silver ripple that reflected a peculiar radiance upon receiving the rays of the sun.

“A first tier alchemist?” Seeing the badge on Liu Xi’s chest, the surrounding crowd of people immediately choked; Liu Xi’s smile widened at these choked voices.

Hearing the words “first tier alchemist”, Xiao Yu’s face slightly changed. However, with her personality, she would not go shopping with a shifty-eyed person simply because of his occupation. Without pausing, she spoke: “We’re not free. You can find someone else.” After she spoke, she grabbed Xun Er’s hands and turned around to leave.

Just as she was turning around, a few large men stepped out from the crowd of people. They smiled licentiously as they blocked the way out.

Seeing the large men blocking their path, Xiao Yu’s face sunk. She turned around and spoke coldly to Jia Lie Ao. “This is the Xiao Clan’s territory. Aren’t you being a little too arrogant?”

“Keke, the Xiao Clan? Are they very strong? All they did was gain a little popularity with the help of the Blood Clotting Powder. If I wished to, I could easily destroy the Xiao Clan. The Spring Reviving Powder is but a healing medicine that I randomly made.” Liu Xi stroked his snow white sleeves as he said proudly.

Hearing these words, Xiao Yu became furious, but she remained quiet. Deep in her heart, she knew the ability of an alchemist and did not dare to speak too bristly to avoid bringing any unnecessary trouble to the Xiao Clan.

Although Xiao Yu may care about such details, Xun Er was not concerned with such worries. She now understood that this human shaped garbage was delaying her meeting with Xiao Yan.

Lightly raising her eyes and watching the arrogant Liu Xi, Xun Er’s small lips opened slightly. The words that her ethereal voice spoke, however, caused everyone to be in a daze. “Garbage will always be garbage. Even after wearing the skin of an alchemist, he will still be garbage. Someone like you who goes around flaunting your little bit of ability.. using Xiao Yan Ge-ge’s words..stupid.”

The street became quiet. Many people were stunned. The young lady who appeared so elegant was as good as anyone else when it came to scolding people.

Xiao Yu was similarly stunned while watching the Xun Er beside her. A long while later, she helplessly curled her lips and said, “I have said that you would be corrupted by that little bastard...”

Having been publicly ridiculed in an unrestrained manner by Xun Er, the smile on the narrow minded Liu Xi’s face diminished. He said gloomily, “In all these years, you are the first person who dared speak to me in such a manner.”

“Really. What foolish words.”

As her small hands rubbed her bright and clean forehead, Xun Er was now almost certain that the person in front of her was either an idiot or was overly arrogant.

“Jia Lie Ao, do it! Originally, I wanted to use legitimate means. It’s too bad that she is ungrateful.” The gloomy faced Liu Xi waved his hand and ordered coldly.

“Eh...” Jia Lie Ao was startled. He rubbed his head while suffering a headache. With a wary smile, he thought, “What is this guy thinking? Father was right. Other than alchemy, he knows nothing. How can such a person be an alchemist?”

Sighing, Jia Lie Ao could only say with a smile, “Liu Xi Da-ge, currently our Jia Lie clan cannot afford to offend the Xiao clan.”

“The Xiao Clan?” Laughing coldly, Liu Xi said disdainfully, “If I can have her, I will help you ruin the Xiao Clan. Besides the Return of Spring Powder, I am able to make two to three other types of medication. Once I refine them, I assure you that the Xiao Clan will return to the sorry state it was in before.”

Listening to the assurance, Jia Lie Ao was once again stunned. He had not expected that this person would so easily reveal all the cards in his hands. Besides being secretly delighted, he once again sighed. Does this mean that the greater the stupidity, the greater the probability of one becoming an alchemist? Jia Lie Ao waved his hand and ordered, “Capture them!”

Hearing Jia Lie Ao orders, over ten huge men behind him immediately wore fierce and tough faces as they approached and surrounded Xun Yan Er’s group.

Seeing the arrogance of the other party, Xiao Yu became extremely furious. Accompanied by a sneer, Xiao Yu retrieved a long green whip from her waist and mercilessly whipped the bulky man that was rushing towards her. “Pa”. In the blink of an eye, a long bloodstain appeared on the man’s face.

Although Xiao Yu was a three star Dou Zhe, against over ten people with strength similar to a Dou Zhe, she fell into a disadvantaged position after beating off two to three of the big men. She ended up being forced to dodge causing her to be embarrassed.

After causing another big man to cough up blood and retreat, a pale faced Xiao Yu was forced to take a few steps back. Turning her head, she ordered Xiao Ning, “Take Xun Er away. Go and call that rascal here!”

Xiao Ning hurriedly nodded. His face abruptly changed as he quickly warned, “Sister, be careful!”

Hearing Xiao Ning’s warning, Xiao Yu swiftly turned around and found the man whom she had whipped earlier raising his iron fist sinisterly and then viciously threw a punch towards her chest.

Seeing such an unexpected and dirty attack that focused on such a position on a woman’s body, Xiao Yu was livid with rage; Dou Qi gathered on her palm. Just as it was about to be furiously released, a black figure speedily appeared by her side. A fierce wind smashed into the huge man. The enormous strength directly caused the man to roll a couple of meters with his face covered in blood before gradually stopping.

“Cripple everyone who attacked.”

A young man carrying a steel rod glanced coldly at Liu Xi and Jia Lie Ao standing on the other side. The soft sound emitted by his lips was a little frightening.

Hearing the young man’s command, tens of huge men carrying the same steel rod and wearing evil smiles came charging out at once.

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