Chapter 838: The Start Of the Auction

Chapter 838: The Start Of the Auction

After the storm that was stirred from the pill refinement that day, the topic of almost the entire Black Emperor Pavilion was gathered on this white-clothed lady with a frightening strength as well as that mysterious alchemist. Many people were keeping watch outside that building, attempting to catch some clues. However, there was no longer even the slightest activity within the building after that pill refinement was over. Due to the extremely strong killing intent, no one dared to carelessly approach it. The owners of that pavilion did not reveal their faces regardless of the uproar in the outside world.

Some people came to visit with strange thoughts, but they could only wisely leave after being left outside the shut door. Mo Ya, who thought of himself as extremely great, was naturally included among these people.

While the outside world was in an uproar because of the matter yesterday, Xiao Yan merely dragged his tired body out of the secret chamber for the first time.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan, who were standing guard in the living room, quickly came forward after seeing that Xiao Yan had finally...

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