Chapter 837: Mo Tian Xing

Chapter 837: Mo Tian Xing

Xiao Li’s group was startled when they heard the voice of this white-clothed woman, which contained some surprise. Xiao Li exchanged looks with Su Qian by his side before he immediately nodded somewhat cautiously. He cupped his hands together and said, “I am the deputy chief of ‘Xiao Gate,’ Xiao Li.”

The Dou Qi within Xiao Li’s body quietly circulated while he spoke. He was certain that he had never met this young Dou Zong in front of him. From the voice of the other party earlier, it seemed that she was related to ‘Xiao Gate.’ However, before he could ascertain whether their relationship was a good or bad one, it was not a bad thing to be a little careful.

While Xiao Li was alert, the eyes of Su Qian by his side solidified. He could sense that this pretty white-clothed woman might be young, but she possessed an unusually great strength. If she possessed an enmity toward ‘Xiao Gate,’ it was likely that they would experience some trouble today. Moreover, there was the Demon Flame Valley beside them who was looking over with predatory intent.

The killing intent that spread around her...

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