Chapter 832: Mo Ya

Chapter 832: Mo Ya

The white-clothed person who had appeared in front of Kui Sha had the appearance of someone who was quite young. He appeared only to be about twenty-six to twenty-seven. His clothes were as white as snow. There was a dashing and outstanding feeling created when his white clothes fluttered. The white-clothed man’s face was extremely handsome and this handsomeness carried a little feminine demeanor. His somewhat thin lips curled while the corner of his mouth contained a faint smile. Although the smile gave one a friendly feeling, that feminine demeanor caused Xiao Yan to be somewhat displeased.

The white-clothed man who had appeared swiftly became the center of attention of the entire hall. Some surprise flashed across everyone’s eyes after seeing this person. It seemed that they were somewhat surprised about why this person had appeared.

“It is actually the Junior Sect Leader of the Black Emperor Sect, Mo Ya?”

“Unexpectedly, even he has been disturbed by this matter and has appeared. I heard that this Mo Ya is not even thirty years old, but he has already reached a six star Dou Huang. His current strength is one that even some of the Elders within the sect have difficulty contending with.”

“What a frightening training...

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