Chapter 830: Trouble That Comes Knocking At the Door

Chapter 830: Trouble That Comes Knocking At the Door

Being able to be the place where experts and the leaders from the many factions were settled by the Black Emperor Sect, the Black Emperor Pavilion was unusually luxurious. Xiao Yan’s group clicked their tongues and praised when they entered through its incomparably large door and looked into the spacious arena-sized hall. This Black Emperor Sect could really afford to spend.

The hall of the current Black Emperor Pavilion was extremely noisy and lively. There were quite a number of human figures sitting in scattered groups. Great attention was given to the spots where these people sat. Only familiar people and those belonging to the same factions would cluster together. Some of those people seating on individual tables were the lone warriors that roamed the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The strength of these kinds of people were usually quite strong. Their characters were also a little eccentric. It was a common matter for them to draw their weapons and face each other should they have a disagreement.

The unique characteristic of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was chaos. This point was not the least bit diminished even in this Black Emperor Pavilion. Due to this place having gathered...

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