Chapter 83: Young Head of the Marketplace (Teaser)

Chapter 83: Young Head of the Marketplace

Less than a month after the release of the Blood Clotting Powder, the Xiao Clan won seventy percent of Wu Tang City’s healing medicine market. The huge profit filled the Xiao Clan with joy. The courtyard and doorway, which were rarely used recently, were now used constantly and were now as lively as a market.

Compared to the Xiao Clan, the Jia Lie Clan was filled with gloominess. Due to their recent profiteering ways, they had aroused the dislike of the majority of the mercenaries. Moreover, the Xiao Clan’s Blood Clotting Powder was more potent than the Return the Spring Powder. Hence, the Jia Lie Clan’s healing medicine business continued to be suppressed by the Xiao Clan’s business. Had it not been for the Xiao Clan’s daily limit on the sale of their healing medicine, the Jia Lie Clan would not have had...

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