Chapter 827: Success

Chapter 827: Success

The silent atmosphere in the hall continued for around one minute. Qi Shan finally could not endure it any longer as he said in an enigmatic manner, “Hey Old Yan. Although your success rate in refining a Dou Spirit Pill is extremely low, aren’t you valuing this Dou Spirit Pill too highly.”

Old Yan from the Thousand Medicinal House faintly swept his eyes over Qi Shan after hearing the latter speak these words. He coldly smiled and said, “Perhaps I might not be comparable to you when it came to medicinal refinement skills. However, the old me is not afraid of you when it comes to having eyes for medicinal pills.”

Qi Shan choked on these words of Old Yan until he became dull. He also felt somewhat bitter. When it came to having eyes for medicinal pills, he had no choice but admit that he could not match the former.

“This mister, are you really planning to use this Dou Spirit Pill to exchange for these three medicinal ingredients?” Owner Yao’s face was full of smiles as she looked at Xiao Yan. Her voice contained some uncertainty. The value of this Dou Spirit Pill was greater than these three medicinal ingredients. In order to succeed in sealing this deal, she was even willing to leave Qi Shan hanging dry by the side. A Dou Spirit Pill even Old Yan praised...

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