Chapter 826: Bidding

Chapter 826: Bidding

The sudden action within the hall caused quite a number of people to be startled. Their faces turned into sparkling ones when they clearly saw the person who had extended his hand to stop Xiao Yan. They immediately used pitiful eyes to look at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s gaze calmly observed the large hand placed on the box of the ‘Jade Bone Fruit’. He quietly sighed in his heart, “It really ended up in this manner…”

Ever since these five jade boxes were taken out, Xiao Yan had a feeling that it was likely that his attempt to exchange for the medicinal ingredients would not be as smooth as he had thought. In the end, his thoughts had really come true…

Xiao Yan vaguely turned his head. He looked at the large red-faced man who stood behind him, and faintly knit his brows.

“Ke ke, Old Qi, this mister is the first to bid… isn’t this act of yours not quite following the rules?” Owner Yao’s heart sank when she saw the red-faced elder extend his hand. However, she forcefully smiled as she spoke.

“What is Owner Yao saying? This place originally gets one to bid. The highest bid will take the item. Why does it matter who is first?” The large...

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