Chapter 825: Red-Faced Elder

Chapter 825: Red-Faced Elder

“It is indeed worthy of being the ‘Black-Corner Region’... within a day, two alchemists of such tier have appeared… it looks like I really did not come here for nothing today.”

The appearance of this red-faced elder caused the voices of the many alchemist in the hall to become much softer. Some of those whose abilities were a little stronger displayed somewhat unnatural expressions.

Owner Yao on the stage was slightly startled. A warm smile was immediately pushed onto her face as she hurriedly descended the stage and headed to the red-faced elder. Her mouth laughed in a loving manner, “Old Qi is honoring us with his presence. This time around, the Black Emperor City is holding a large-scale auction and I thought that Old Qi will not have the spare time to come…”

“Hee hee, what is Owner Yao saying? The quality of the medicinal ingredients in the Thousand Medicinal House is extraordinary. Even the old me cannot help but feel interested. Moreover, this Pill Exchange Gathering is not frequently held. Therefore, the old me will definitely come over and take a look regardless of how busy I am.” The old man who was addressed as Old Qi laughed out loud. His voice was extremely clear. When he...

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