Chapter 822: Entering the City

Chapter 822: Entering the City

Anyone who possessed knowledge about the wall’s material would be able to discover that the surface of this city wall was actually covered by a layer of extremely rare ‘Black Mirror Rock’. A city wall that was molded from such a material had the unique ability to reflect some attacks. It was quite a good choice to be used as a city wall even though this thing was quite rare. Yet, this Black Emperor Sect was actually able to use it to cover the walls of the city. Such rich foundation caused not only Xiao Yan but also the Little Fairy Doctor by his side to sigh in amazement.

“It is indeed expensive…”

Xiao Yan turned his gaze to the human crowd where fierce auras repeatedly passed. He let out a sigh from his mouth. He could not help but feel somewhat curious. He had met quite a number of people with great strength during his journey to this place. Moreover, by the looks of their route, it was obvious that they were heading to ‘Black Emperor City’. With so many strong people, who possessed fiery, odd tempers, being gathered in such a city, it was likely that the subsequent days in this city would not be calm.

Chaos was a peculiar atmosphere that this ‘Black-Corner Region’ possessed in great quantities. No...

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