Chapter 821: Turbulent Times

Chapter 821: Turbulent Times

The smile on Wu Hao’s face was slowly withdrawn when he heard Xiao Yan’s question. He frowned intently, mused for a moment before saying, “This Demon Flame Valley is also an old faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It has existed for quite a long time. The strength of the valley is also unusually great. Originally, they did not have much conflict with the Jia Nan Academy. Due to ‘Xiao Gate,’ our relationship has become like fire and water during this one to two years.”

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Yan was slightly startled. This matter was actually related to ‘Xiao Gate’?

“The main reason is that ‘Xiao Gate’ is developing too quickly. It could be considered a renowned faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The expansion of a faction will naturally involve some unavoidable issues with other factions. Hence, due to some issues, ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Demon Flame Valley have had some conflicts. With the increase in the intensity of these conflicts, a big battle is naturally unavoidable…” Wu Hao sighed helplessly. “In the beginning, this Demon Flame Valley had revealed its powerful strength as an old faction. ‘Xiao Gate’ was repeatedly...

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