Chapter 820: Leave No One Alive

Chapter 820: Leave No One Alive

“‘Xiao Gate’s,’ Xiao Yan?”

Xie Zhen’s expression immediately changed when he heard that calm voice enter his ear. Other people might feel that this name was foreign, but he was extremely familiar with it. The founder of Xiao Gate. The young expert who was renowned throughout the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then!

Even though it had been two years since that time, quite a number of people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ still remembered this name. Moreover, the interior of their Demon Flame Valley had accommodated quite a number of experts who had nowhere to go after being chased by this black-robed, young man. Hence, he retained a deep memory in regards to this person.

“Isn’t it rumored that he left the ‘Black-Corner Region’? Why would he appear in this place?” Xie Zhen rubbed away the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. A storm brewed within his heart. After all, this person had even killed an expert like Han Feng who had half a foot in the Dou Zong class back then. His return would undoubtedly bring a lot of pressure on the Demon Flame Valley.

This thought churned within Xie Zhen’s heart as an intention to withdraw gradually surfaced...

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