Chapter 817: Blood Sword Wu Hao

Chapter 817: Blood Sword Wu Hao

Waves of thunder-like beast roars would occasionally be emitted within the lush, green mountain forest, frightening numbers of resting birds within the forest flew away. The flapping sound that was brought about by their wings caused the air to become much more tense.

There was a precipitous mountain wall covered by this lush greenery. The lower part of the mountain peak was split, forming an enormous gully. Looking from it at a great distance, it appeared just like a valley. Both sides of the valley had precipitous rock walls that were difficult to climb. The only exit was one that was not even twenty feet wide.

A large group of people were currently clustered in this valley. Most of their faces were pale-white. However, there was not much panic between their brows. They were holding their weapons in their hands as their gazes coldly swept over the mountain peak and the valley exit.

This group of people was quite young. They were around seventeen to nineteen years old. It was the age when people had the greatest vigor. There was also a roughly even ratio of males to females. The young ladies had eye-catching appearances. Their lively aura that was specifically possessed by young ladies was even more striking. However, these beautiful young ladies all displayed pale-white faces at this moment. This...

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