Chapter 816: Demon Flame Valley

Chapter 816: Demon Flame Valley

The face of the man immediately rejoiced when he saw that Xiao Yan’s footsteps had paused. However, the eyes of the surrounding black-clothed people became dark and chilly.

“Brat. if you don’t wish to lose your life, you should lead your people and leave. Otherwise…” That leader of the black-clothed people’s voice was dark and cold as he spoke.

Xiao Yan completely ignored this threat. He turned around, narrowed his eyes, and studied the man and the purple-clothed, young lady. His voice was a little surprised as he asked.

“The both of you are people from the Jia Nan Academy?”

The man who was called Mai Di and the purple-clothed, young lady were startled when they saw Xiao Yan’s sudden change in attitude. The former continued to speak carefully, “I am an instructor of the Jia Nan Academy. She is my student Mo Ling.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly when he heard this. He immediately said with a smile, “In that case, please leave with me.”

Mai Di and the purple-clothed, young lady widened their mouths when they saw Xiao Yan’s smiling face. They were unable to recover. This continued for quite awhile before the man pulled the purple-clothed, young lady with some hesitation. They swiftly...

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