Chapter 813: Information on the Hall of Souls

Chapter 813: Information on the Hall of Souls

Medusa’s and the Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes swept over the jade bottle in Xiao Yan’s hand, causing their eyes to slightly solidify. Immediately, they placed themselves with one at the front and the other behind, completely sealing the interior of this room. They felt some fear within their heart for that so-called Protector Tie of the ‘Hall of Souls’.

Xiao Yan laughed upon seeing the reaction of these two people. His hand rubbed the bottle’s mouth. The fluctuation of the invisible flame gradually became pale before finally disappearing.

An illusionary soul immediately rushed out following the scattering of the flame. Finally, he shot toward the ceiling without any care for his life.

An invisible fire wall suddenly appeared on the ceiling as Xiao Yan flicked his finger. That illusionary spiritual body knocked into it and immediately emitted a ‘chi chi’ sound. A sharp miserable cry subsequently appeared.

Xiao Yan observed the illusionary spiritual body, which was covering his head in panic. He smiled faintly as the seal on his hand moved. That invisible fire wall rushed down and accurately wrapped around the soul before slowly descending.

“Ke ke, Protector...

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