Chapter 812: Plans

Chapter 812: Plans

The ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ contained the twenty-three kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ that everyone on the Dou Qi continent knew. Each type of ‘Heavenly Flame’ on this ranking list caused a countless number of people to flock over in doves. Any little news that was related to them would stir up an extremely big commotion. This point had already been proven many times over by many events.

Each of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ had their own unique properties. Of course, just like how people had long and short hands, the ‘Heavenly Flames’ naturally had those that were stronger and those that were weaker when they were compared with each other. The first kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ that Xiao Yan had was the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ which was ranked nineteenth on the ranking list. On top of possessing an extremely wild and violently high temperature, this kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ seemed to also be able to ignite a volcanic eruption. Of course, until now, Xiao Yan had never done something like this. Hence, he was also unaware of whether this was really true.

The second ‘Heavenly Flame’ he possessed was naturally the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ which was ranked fourteenth. This kind of invisible flame was similar to the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ in terms of strength. However, it was superior in its bizarre uses. Of course, it also possessed a unique ability that caused one’s eyes to turn red with envy. That was the ability to help people refine the Dou Qi in their body to increase their training speed.

Ever since he had learned of the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ with the highest ranking that Xiao Yan had seen was the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ of Yao Lao, which was ranked eleventh on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’. This thing was far more powerful than Xiao Yan’s two ‘Heavenly Flames’ in terms of destructive strength. Perhaps only the ‘Glazed Lotus Heart Flame’ that was formed from the merger of these two ‘Heavenly Flames’ could contend with it.

Xiao Yan had never seen any ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranked above that flame He was completely unaware of the names of those ‘Heavenly Flames’ and the special abilities that they possessed.

The eleventh ranked ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ already possessed such a frightening, destructive strength. It was difficult to imagine just how frightening the strength of the third ranked ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’.

According to what Yao Lao had said back then, this ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’ was something that even he had never seen. There was no rumors of anyone having possessed this kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ during these many years. A flame at this level seemed to basically be nonexistent. Xiao Yan really did not know just how the person who recorded the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ had obtained news of these mysterious ‘Heavenly Flames’ and was able to rank their names from there.

Xiao Yan had occasionally heard Yao Lao mention that the top five ‘Heavenly Flames’ of this ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ were actually those kinds of things where one had only heard of but never seen. At the very least, he had never seen or heard any information that was related to the top five ‘Heavenly Flames’ during his era. Back then, he was extremely proud of his own strength. Originally, he had planned to obtain a ‘Heavenly Flame’ that was ranked within the top five in order to be worthy of his status and position. In the end, after spending endless amounts of time and plenty of effort, he had failed to obtain a ‘Heavenly Flame’ within the top ten, much less within the top five. Finally, he could only settle for a lower grade. He chose the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ that was ranked eleventh. Even though this was the case, he had nearly suffered from a backlash while he was obtaining the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’. From this, one could tell that the ‘Heavenly Flames’ on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ were indeed not things that were easy to find.

Back then, Yao Lao was so astonished when he had obtained the first fragmented map piece from the cave and identified just what the black lotus was. Who would have thought that the thing he had waited for so long without the slightest clue about would actually appear in such a secluded mountain cave.

Xiao Yan’s face also let out a sigh as his heart recalled all the issues related to the ‘Heavenly Flames’. He immediately leaped down from his bed and came to the side of the table. After which, he began to carefully join the ancient yellowish map fragments.

Some of the lines that were drawn on the map gradually began to merge as the maps were joined together. However, some of the things that were drawn on it left Xiao Yan completely clueless. Given his experience, he was totally unable to identify just where the location that was drawn on the map was.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently caressed the map. His eyes landed on an empty corner. According to his guess, this map should have four parts. Currently, he already had three parts of it in his hands. If he was able to obtain the final piece of the map, he might be able to obtain the location of the ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame!’

Although… his words were spoken in this manner, this Dou Qi continent was spacious. The difficulty of attempting to obtain the final map fragment was not much lower than finding a needle in a haystack. Moreover, it was obvious that one could not find something like this openly. There were many experts on the Dou Qi continent and it was different from the secluded existence of the Jia Ma Empire where an ordinary person did not know what the map fragment was. Hence, should anyone discover that he possessed a clue to find the ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame,’ it was likely that he would attract an endless amount of trouble.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he thought of this. The reason that he was able to obtain three pieces of the map fragments was because of luck. It was easier said than done if he wanted to go and get hold of another piece.

“Ugh, I have very little knowledge of the Dou Qi continent, and I am completely unaware of just what news is out there. I am basically clueless in my attempt to find the last remaining map fragment…” Xiao Yan mused to himself. “It seems that at the very least I will need to look for a trustworthy person who also understands the Dou Qi continent well in order to obtain some news… however, Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor do not have a better understanding of the continent compared to me despite them being trustworthy. Ugh…”

Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped the table’s surface. He descended into deep thought. This continued for quite a while before his finger suddenly paused. A joy surfaced within his heart as he stood up and softly laughed, “How could I have forgotten about First Elder Su Qian? Being the First Elder of the Jia Nan Academy’s Inner Academy, it was likely that this esteem elder should be aware of many secrets given the special position that the Jia Nan Academy had on the continent. Looking for him should be the best choice if Xiao Yan wanted to find some news relating to the ‘Heavenly Flame’.”

“Moreover, even if I am unable to obtain news about the ‘Heavenly Flame’, it is rumored that the headmaster of the Inner Academy is also an elite Dou Zun comparable to teacher. If I am able to meet him this time around, it might be possible to invite him to lend a hand regarding this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ given his relationship with the Inner Academy…” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He immediately sigh in relief. He had left the Inner Academy for more than a year. It was likely that the incomplete ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ that he had left behind in the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ had already been exhausted. If he did not go and help them replenish it, it was likely that the First Elder would become anxious.

“Looks like I will have to hurry over to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ after settling the matters here…” Xiao Yan laughed softly as he muttered to himself. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ was close to the middle of the Dou Qi continent. The chances of obtaining news about a ‘Heavenly Flame’ at that place were far higher than staying within the Jia Ma Empire. Therefore, Xiao Yan might have to plan another trip back there.

Xiao Yan’s heart relaxed after having made this decision. He carefully stored the map on the table into his storage ring. With a wave of his sleeves, the flame light in the room was extinguished, and a quiet darkness covered the room.

“You plan to head to the ‘Black-Corner Region?” Medusa inquired with some surprised. She was startled when she heard Xiao Yan’s plans.

“Yeah.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “The headmaster of the Inner Academy is an elite Dou Zun. If I am able to meet him, I might be able to ask him to help.”

“Chi, that old fellow is always missing. In all my years at the Inner Academy, I have only seen him once. Even if you go, you might not be able to meet him.” Zi Yan by the side curled her mouth when she replied.

“I must at least give it a try, right? Moreover, even if I am unable to meet him, I will also be able to inquire about some information relating to the ‘Heavenly Flames’ from the First Elder. If I am able to find another type of ‘Heavenly Flame’, I will not need anyone’s help in undoing this ‘Demon Poison Spot’.” Xiao Yan vaguely smiled in an unconcerned manner as he responded.

“Alright, there is more trouble in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ than within the Jia Ma Empire. Do you need me to follow?” Medusa mused for a moment before nodding her head and asking a question.

“Although you will be of much help if you follow me, the Yan Alliance and the Snake-People Tribe will no longer be guaranteed their safety should you leave. Hence, I can only trouble you to help me protect the Yan Alliance and the members of the Xiao clan this time around.” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before speaking with a solemn expression. The people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ seemed to have not given up their plans for the Xiao clan. If all of them left, it was likely that the members of the Xiao clan would be in danger should the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ make their way to the Jia Ma Empire, which did not have the protection of an elite Dou Zong.

Medusa knit her brows when she heard this. She was not really reassure, especially allowing Xiao Yan to head to the danger-filled ‘Black-Corner Region’ alone. However, what Xiao Yan had said was true. The current Yan Alliance needed the presence of an elite Dou Zong…

“Why don’t I accompany you? The Poison Sect no longer has any opponents within the Chu Yun Empire. It should not be much trouble for me to leave for a period of time.” The quiet Little Fairy Doctor by the side suddenly suggested when she saw the worry on Medusa’s face.

Xiao Yan was startled. He immediately became somewhat hesitant. He would naturally gain a lot of advantages if an elite Dou Zong like the Little Fairy Doctor followed him. However, she did have an enormous Poison Sect to manage…

“My ‘Woeful Poison Body’ might erupt any time. If you leave for too long, who will come and help me control it even if all the ingredients have been found?’ The Little Fairy Doctor involuntarily smiled and continued to explain when she saw Xiao Yan’s hesitation.

“This… alright. Thank you very much.” Xiao Yan naturally ceased hesitating since the other party had spoken to such an extent. He immediately nodded, cupped his hands, and smiled to the Little Fairy Doctor. He naturally understood that the Little Fairy Doctor had the intention of protecting him by following him.

Medusa quietly sighed in relief when she saw that the Little Fairy Doctor had taken the initiative to say that she would follow Xiao Yan. The gaze she used to look at the latter was slightly gentler. She clearly knew that the Little Fairy Doctor possessed a strength that was similar to hers. Xiao Yan should not have too much trouble with her tagging along.

“Let me take this little girl too. I must at least let First Elder and the others see that I did not mistreat her since I will also be returning to the Jia Nan Academy.” Xiao Yan patted Zi Yan’s head only to end up being dodged by the unwilling girl.

Medusa faintly smiled and nodded. Although Zi Yan’s strength was only that of a Dou Huang, that frightening strange strength of hers was something that even an expert Dou Huang would have difficulty contending against. She could also be considered quite the help.

“In that case, when will you be leaving?” Medusa looked at Xiao Yan as she slowly asked.

“We will leave tomorrow. Now…” Xiao Yan smiled. He immediately flicked his finger and a jade bottle with an invisible flame sealing its mouth appeared in his hand. He looked at the jade bottle. Some coldness flashed across his eyes as he slowly said, “Now, we should pry some information regarding the ‘Hall of Souls’ from this fellow’s mouth.”

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