Chapter 811: Third In Ranking

Chapter 811: Third In Ranking

Xiao Yan’s hand rubbed his chest. He pulled apart his shirt and swept his gaze down only to realize that the surrounding area of that ‘Demon Poison Spot,’ that had been spreading a strange black color, was covered by an unusual seal. Moreover, it seemed that this seal had stopped the spread of the ‘Demon Poison Spot’.

“This is the poison sealing method that I have learned from the Seven Colored Poison Book that I obtained back when were were in the cave at the Qingshan Town. Adding this to the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that is helping you, it is likely that this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will not erupt during these next two years.” The Little Fairy Doctor softly explained as she watched Xiao Yan.

“In other words, you must find an elite Dou Zun to help remove the poison within two years. Otherwise, the seal will automatically disappear at that time and the ‘Demon Poison Spot’ will completely erupt.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s face became a little solemn when she spoke these words.

“Aye, aye, I know.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He did not mention that he might be able to refine this ‘Demon Poison Spot’ if he could find a third kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’. After...

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